It won't let me export (10K + triangles)

Hello everyone, the problem is that when I export a mesh that has more than 10K + triangles that is a toy gun to the studio, I get this warning:
Does anybody know how I can fix it?

Reduce the number of tris in your mesh, or upload it in separate parts.
Although… a toy gun probably shouldn’t have 410,112 triangles. Do you have a crazy sub-serf mod on or something? If so, you might want to consider turning that down.

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it’s a big squirt gun, I’ll try reducing the triangles; thanks

Roblox meshes have a 10k triangle cap. You’ll need to either break down your mesh into multiple meshes or use modifiers to reduce the amount of triangles.

Hope this helps.

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Just reduce the parts so it doesn’t go past the limit… :man_shrugging:

Blender has a wonderful modifier called Decimate!
Do note it does not keep detail all too well but can be used very effectively on flat objects.
Itll automatically remove a bunch of polygons making it a wonderful tool for bringing down your poly count for a model, I would suggest trying to keep your gun models to a minimum though.


You can make cylindrical sections of the gun in about 8-12 segments and with the Curved tool on it’s going to appear quite round.
Got a pic of the gun?

Thanks this helped me and the other comments. This is my water gun:


Quite honestly you should be able to make that with 1-2000 tris easily, but 410k? Dude!

Do you have the internal (not visible) sections of the mesh rendered too? Delete those.
Do you have internal faces rendered? Get rid of them cuz you’ll never see them.
Do you have Vertices very close together or doubled? Select all vertices and use the Vertices Merge-by-distance tool and set it to about .005 to get rid of them.
Any flat surface should be easily made out of 2 tris.

That reminds me a ton of the splattershot from splatoon, was that your intention/inspiration?

I’m trying to get the gun to work and just get inspired by squirt gun toys. The gun is for an RPG game I’m working on and is coming out very soon

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The Roblox Beta build already allows up to 60k triangles. Although, I’ve heard rumors that its going to allowe up to 100k upon release.

I’d never heard of this before? Do you have a link to this? If this is true, that would be very cool!

A greater limit might be great, but computers still have to process each and every tri in the mesh, so I’m guessing a few people running around with moving guns at 100k tris (and even so, @mateooarce1 having +410k in one gun is waaaaaay too much) would cause a lot of lag.