Italian RolePlay Game Feedback

Hello everyone, I wanted to share the map that I have been creating for 1 week, it is the recreation of the Italian city “Turin”. I have an Italian server that already has a version of the city but it is unrealistic and beautiful. I’m working hard for this map and I’m the only one who is building it, a friend of mine is a scripter and a minimap, cellphone etc …
Give me some feedback on what to change / add!


Looks very good!

I feel like the spire is a very prominent/popular feature. If you don’t yet have it, I suggest adding it. The trees also look a little copy/pasted - giving a few some leaves would be nice. Overall, well done!

Thank you so much, i will build it!

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I feel the buildings itself are flat. They offer no varying depth.

the streets feels very empty, love the buildings tho. God i wish italy was real

Mh okay! Thank you i will modify it

Yo man thank you! I will add details to streets

Italy isn’t real?

I have a friend from Italy :fearful:

My whole life is a lie. . .


your friend probably actually works for the FBI :flushed:


ye, its pretty sad, your friend is just a spain government actor

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