Item Configuration Page Always Broken On First Load

Every time I go to an item’s configuration page in the creator dashboard, I get a broken page:

Refreshing once allows the page to load normally.

Device Info

User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; rv:102.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0 (Librewolf)
Platform Type: PC
Device Type: Computer

Page URL:{ID}/configure

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We can’t seem to repro this, can you give some more details? Does this happen with specific assets?

The behavior seems to be unpredictable, I’m having a hard time nailing down exactly what it’s doing. I recorded a video that shows what’s going on:

(might take a minute to process)

Hey @ChipioIndustries, thanks for the useful video! We’re still having trouble repro’ing, do you think you could do the same with the Network tab to see if a specific request is having errors?

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This 429 is the only failing request that sticks out. It’s really odd because this happens on my very first time viewing the item config page in hours, so it doesn’t seem like a rate limit.

@ChipioIndustries Hmm that is weird, are you still reproducing the issue now? Have you been able to try it on a different network connection or browser to see if the same behavior occurs?

I encounter this on Firefox, Librewolf, and Chrome. I’ve tried numerous IP addresses with no luck.

@ChipioIndustries I was out of office, sorry for the late response! Wanted to check back in on this to see if you’re still running into this issue. If you are, could you provide some information?

  • Are you on a VPN when you encounter this behavior?
  • What are some asset ids that you run into this issue with?
  • Could you include a screen recording of the network tab using the following steps?
  1. Open the Network tab
  2. Open the Creations/DevelopmentItems page
  3. Check the Network tab for any failing or slow requests
  4. Open the Configure page for an asset that is known to fail
  5. Retry step 4 until you get a failure
  6. Check the Network tab for any failing or slow requests

Just want to take a look at the requests at both stages :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m still encountering the issue. Currently on the road so I can’t take a video, but in the meantime here’s a closer look at the only request that fails (has an asset ID in it too you can check out, although it happens on pretty much all assets):

I am on a VPN as well.

@ChipioIndustries Thanks for the info! Unless there’s a specific reason you need to use a VPN, could you check to see if this issue happens when you’re OFF the VPN (so not just on a different IP, but off the VPN entirely).

Sorry for the delay, just got the chance to test this on a private wifi network. It seems like the errors mostly go away with the VPN disabled, minus some of the thumbnails failing to load.

No problem! Unfortunately those issues may continue to exist while you’re on a VPN due to some of our protections around rate-limit requests to counter bots & spam.

Is there any way to work around this or to have my account whitelisted? I’m often on public wifi for months at a time and can’t afford to disable my VPN. I’m also curious why this affects the creator dashboard but not the rest of the Roblox website.

Just wanted to pop in here and say that for me, using a VPN (more specifically, a free one) completely restricts my access to the catalog because of the IP-based rate limiting Roblox has in place. Not only this, but I’m also unable to join any Roblox game using this VPN (I assume due to the same reason) so just wanted to point out that the Creator Hub isn’t the only place affected by issues like these. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Hey all - we tweaked some stuff, and I’m hearing from @ChipioIndustries that at least when he’s on trusted VPNs it is less flakey. Let us know if the problem persists, but I’m hoping we got it resolved!

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