Item script not working properly

What I am coding:
I’m trying to make an item script for a Piggy recreation. I use an event execution system instead of ClickDetectors so players can interact with items out.

The problem:
Sometimes an item script that may not even exist is trying to run, while the item I click doesn’t run anything.
Ex: image
(The line saying BlueKey is the event handler printing what I clicked on, and the one below is the problem.)
I’ve tried analyzing the code for problems, checking the result on the server, and tried removing the items that seem to happen most.

Here’s a version of the game stripped down to the base requirements and map.
PiggyRemakeStrippedDown.rbxl (316.1 KB)

I got this error trying to put the green key back on the floor and I’m pretty sure it’s because you forgot to add it in ServerStorage/ClickItems.

Oh, thanks! Not sure how that even happened.

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