Item/Part falling off the baseplate after dropping it

Hello! So, recently I’ve been working on a custom item drop and pickup system. The script works like this:
Once the player presses backspace, the parts attached to the “Handle” are cloned and parented to workspace then their position is changed to the Player’s LeftFoot, that way the item drops near the player.

Everything works fine, except when I drop the item, the parts just clip through the ground. The parts are unanchored, otherwise if I anchored them then the tool would be broken and once the player drops the item the parts would be floating. I’m looking for a way to fix this; here’s the (not all of the script) part of the script that handles the dropping:

local function copy()

local pp ="ProximityPrompt")

pp.Parent = handle

handle:Clone().Parent = workspace

handle.Position ="LeftFoot"))

folder:Clone().Parent = workspace





	if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.Backspace then
		if is_equipped == true then

Here’s a link to the video:

Is CanCollide property in the item set to true after being dropped?
Also, you shouldn’t make it local, since other players won’t see the dropped item.

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Hello, CanCollide is turned on for the item, and I am aware that other players won’t see the dropped item, I was going to make it server-sided but I ran into the item falling off the map problem.