Its A Bug or a Backdoor?

Hello, my Name Is Nehoray I Made With A Friend A Game That Called “Jail Escape”.
I Joined The Game Today And A lot of prompts Popup And Its In A Loop (See Images): I Dont Know If Its A Bug or Backdoor But I Cant Find The Script That Doing This.
(Also I Tried To Revert It To Another Version of Our Place And Its Still Doing This)
Link To Try It : Link To Our Game

Any Help Will Appreciate Thanks Nehoray.

Thanks To Everyone That Help Its Now Fixed!


A script is certainly making these purchase prompts. If they are not supposed to be happening and you did not intentionally add them, you probably have some malicious scripts in your game. I recommend checking through free models, as they are often the source of these types of scripts. If there is an unfamiliar script, simply delete it.


This is a backdoor not a bug and you need to find and remove the script in your game that is triggering this.

The most likely cause of this is the use of a dodgy plugin which is inserting the script into your game each time you load up studio OR you have used a free model which has got the script inside of it. You should filter though your workspace for the script and check your plugins to see if they are legitimate.
If it is a plugin causing this then check if the plugin has been recently made or is published by an obvious alt account. If it is a dodgy one then you should uninstall it and it should rectify the issue


I Searched In Every Local/Server Script Even In The Workspace And I Found Nothing.

In that case it is most likely a plugin causing it

It’s probably embedded in a plugin like topdog said.

Your best options are as follows:

  1. V2.1 - Plugin: Hidden Backdoor/Infection Script Detector (Detects/Removes infections from malicious plugins) Install this. Sometimes it picks up false positives but will just quarantine them.

  2. Try having a look for scripts which have require or getfenv (these are very useful but also the most dangerous functions).

Worst case scenario is that your game got serialised and sent to a malicious logger of some sort. If that’s the case, I feel very sorry for you.

Do control+shift+f and search for getfenv and require.

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