Its so hard to scale a surface gui and I need a plugin for it

Does anyone have a plugin for surface gui since I really need it so I can add surfaceguis on my game. :slight_smile:

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just scale it like you scale normal uis how hard can it be?

its not like scaling in screengui

Can you explain what you mean?

i cant scale it properly

the surface gui

This might help.

I have that but how to? Do I move the frame to ScreenGUI?

Can you send a screenshot of the properties of the SurfaceGui? It’s working fine for me.

Shrank's Beach Place (🔥VIP GAMEPASS🔥) - Roblox Studio 2022-03-25 18-03-14 here is the video of me trying to use autoscale

Are you using TextScaled on the TextLabel? 1,0 X&Y should work perfectly fine.

yea i do use textscaled i always use it when making uis

What’s inside of the TextLabel?


It shows this

@StarryShrank is the SizingMode property of the SurfaceGui set to “FixedSize”?


Try setting it to “PixelsPerStud”.



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shows this

Can you try setting the size of the gui objects (frame, text labels etc) individually? I think the AutoScale Lite plugin broke it because it should only be used on ScreenGuis.

The scale is 1,1 (filling the entire area) and the position isn’t 0,0 (exactly in the top left corner) which means part of the frame is going to be off of the surface as you see here