It's time to backup your life's work! [Never lose your data again]

This tutorial is about backing up your data using Cloud Services, External Storage Drives and many useful tips and features

We’ll go over these topics:

  • Importance
  • Cloud Services
  • External Storage

This is applicable for all Windows 10 PC with any edition, sorry Mac users. also Linux


Apart from our common needs for basic survival we all HATE losing our work, and it doesn’t matter if it’s from a fire, stolen/lost device, software crashes or hardware failures it’s all the same it’s all pain. Not to mention losing access to your Roblox account

Which is why you should also NEVER rely on Roblox as your backup source, do NOT risk yourself on a single point of failure.

Community Survey~
  • I’m at risk of losing my data
  • I have Cloud backups
  • I have Physical Storage backups
  • I have both Cloud & External Storage backups

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(and if you have been developing games on Roblox long enough I am willing to bet my life that Roblox Studio has crashed upon you at least once)

Which is why I am sharing my methods of keeping files safe to prevent rainy days and sad stories like “a dog ate my homework”. :eyes: is it a cyber dog?!

So follow along and you will receive benefits like:

  • Syncing multiple devices for people with multiple workstations
  • Always available & shareable files, you’ll never have to say “I’ll send it to you when I get home” ever again!
  • File history, File backups & System image backups for corruptions
  • redundancy

and best of all most of this is free or at least less than $100 per year

Cloud Services

I’m sure you have heard of Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive

I'll be using Google Drive because it's better
  • 15 GB of FREE Cloud storage
  • File Syncing on multiple devices
  • Backing up individual devices
  • Easy to use Interface

(and it is most likely that everyone has a Google account)

Setting Up

  1. Download, Install and Run Backup and Sync For individuals

  2. Login to your Google account

  3. Open and configure preferences

  4. For individual devices make sure to choose which folder you want to Backup the to cloud

That is for individual machine backups

It looks like this on the Web page

  1. For syncing on multiple devices make sure to choose which folder you want to Backup and Sync to the cloud and other devices

That is for syncing on multiple devices

It looks like this on the Web page

  1. Start your first backup, it takes a while depending on your Machine and Internet so be aware of that


they are generally the same

Pricing Chart
Provider Storage in GB Monthly / Annually USD per GB
Google Drive 15 Free Free
100 1.99 / 19.99 0.0199
200 2.99 / 29.99 0.01495
2000 9.99 / 99.99 0.004995
OneDrive 5 Free Free
100 1.99 0.0199
1000 6.99 / 69.99 0.00699
1000 * 6 9.99 / 99.99 0.00009994
iCloud 5 Free Free
50 0.99 0.0198
200 2.99 0.01495
2000 9.99 0.004995

External Storage

While using Cloud storage is great and all it is NOT enough your computer might crash due to hardware failures or Windows Updates and not to mention if you don’t have access to internet. oh my the nightmares.

I’d recommend using a HDD over a SSD because they are cheaper per GB, have longer lifespans and we do not have a need for speed that SSD offers.

  • Make sure to get one with a Type-C interface for faster speeds and future proofing
  • Make sure to get one with enough storage, however I’d recommend anything over 1TB or more than your computer’s total storage

we will be backing up our System image and our files so we can do a full system restore in case of the worst!

Setting Up

  1. Go to “Backup” in settings
  2. Select “More options”
  3. Select the Folders you want to Backup using “Add Folder” / “Exclude Folder”
  4. Select “See advanced settings” under Related settings
  5. Select “System Image Backup”
  6. Select “Change Settings”
  7. Choose the Folders you want to Backup
  8. Choose a schedule
  9. Start your first backup, it takes a while depending on your Machine so be aware of that

For extra redundancy I recommend using Roblox with Rojo, Github and VS Code for your projects, however while we need redundancy for Backups it seems like the people here do not like that on the forums so I’ll not be covering this as there are already many tutorials on this.

As always happy developing!!

  • I will be following this Tutorial
  • I already have backups
  • I’m not interested in backing up my data

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This is a great point. It’s also nice to watch a few youtube turtorials on how to properly create partitions and optimize disk space usage, creating backup partitions incase the hard drive corrupts, etc. It’ll save you a lot of headache to know how that stuff works.


For Mac, just move your place file to your iCloud Drive folder

I also like to upload my place files to GitHub with my Rojo workflow. There is ‘stable’ place file, which is like the last version guaranteed to completely work (like the latest ‘release’ if you were doing ‘releases’), and an ‘experimental’ build file which contains the latest working version with new features I am testing

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t published games save to the cloud already?

Yeah but what happens when you lose access to your account?

The thread isn’t just about your game files, it’s about your entire PC and having backups make it easy to restore.

thanks for asking though, I will make sure the thread is clearer!