Its time to dump/change badge rarity

As ROBLOX has grown throughout the years, the amount of people visiting places has also grown significantly. I feel as if the ‘badge rarity’ feature has outgrown its use over the past few years, due to ‘rarity’ being based on the amount of place visits said game has. This makes badges such as the one below, which over two million users have earned, ‘insane’ to achieve.

In my opinion I think its time we either remove rarity all together or add a toggle in the badge settings which would let the developer decide how ‘rare’ their badge is. I made a mockup of how this could look below.

I know this isnt the most important thing in the world, but it would help make the site look a lot more professional in my opinion. Let me know what you guys think.


I would suggest removing all of these numbers and just saying something along the lines of “X% of all players ever obtained this badge” with a bar representing the percentage somehow (similar to Steam), then users don’t have to do the math between “Won Yesterday” and “Won Ever” themselves. I don’t really think many users find it particularly interesting how many times a game pass has been won ever/yesterday apart from the game developers themselves.