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Howdy, I’m ItsRickGrimes and I am a 17 years old guy from Sweden and I have been building on Roblox for near 2 years, started in late 2016 around the time I joined Roblox and I have taught myself everything I know about developing. I specialize in the realistic style of building using CSG and I find that’s the best way for me to build things!



Some of the various buildings I have made!

Current project: Tavern

This is the tavern I am currently working on (So it’s a WIP), it is based off of taverns during the Golden Age of Piracy in the carribean as well as it is loosely based on similar taverns in the game Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.
So why don’t ya sit down and grab a bottle of Bloxy Cola (not sponsored) and sing some shanty’s!

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me :pirate_flag:

1973 Winnebago Chieftain

One of my best builds is this motorhome as part of my “The Walking Dead showcase” (see below) and it’s an pretty much an exact copy of the 1973 Winnebago Cheiftain motorhome, the interior is based from the RV we see in the show. (Built with CSG only)


Some of my assets and models.

Public games

This is the showcase I mentioned earlier and it is a pretty small but very detailed showcase based off of the TV-show The Walking Dead and more exact from season 2 at “Hershel’s Farm”. CSG was pretty much only used for the builds there except the trees and leaves which were made in Blender. It is my only public game at the moment but expect to see more!
The Walking Dead Showcase - Roblox


I am available to work a couple of hours a day during the summer although during school times only around 1-2 hours per day! It all depends on what I’m doing those days. I’m most likely not available for any long term projects but throw me a good pitch and pay and I might reconsider!


For payment I am currently looking for Robux only and I prefer to paid per asset I make or hourly.


If you got any questions or want to contact me check below! Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Discord: SomeSwedishBruv#5699
Roblox: ItsRickGrimes
Or here on DevForum of course!