I've been working on a 2D Horror Game in roblox, what do you guys think?

Made a little 2D Engine with some physics and Made the pixel art for the game, here are some sneak peaks!


Definitely a unique idea, I can tell just by looking at the clips shown. Keep working on it, looks great!


incredibly good game. please provide more updates!

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This is really creative.

Out of curiosity was this inspired from Mr Hopps?


I would honestly really want to play this! It looks so unique and creative.

Do you have a rough idea of the release date?

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Looks amazing, I love the sound effects and the overall vibe of the art style.

Even though you might not be able to monetise it as well, please make this a single player story mode experience. Partner up with a good writer and make a whole story similar to the old urban legend yt playthroughs of the early 2010s.

Single player would give the game the horror vibe it deserves without being ruined by other players jumping about. Or you could make it so that other players are invisible but able to chat to each other via a global chat.

Either way you want to go about this, really looking forwards to see where this project goes. Keep up the good work!


Woah… that’s really cool! Can’t wait to play it XD

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Thought it was made in Godot originally, awesome work.

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Holy crap, that is awesome! An actual 2D game on Roblox, who would have guessed? Keep up the good work!

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This looks really cool, nice job and can’t wait to play!

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Looks generic as hell and I’d put good money down that it relies on jumpscares. 3/10

I am so glad to see 2D being pushed by more and more developers these days. This doesn’t exactly look like my cup of tea (I am not a big horror guy), but it does look fairly solid and could make for a really good horror experience. If done right, anyway.


Actually i was Heavily inspired by MrHopps, its nice that u noticed!

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Somewhere in December, school and working on other projects delays the development a bit :confused:

This looks amazing! Keep working on it, Excited to see where it goes. It’s by far the most unique game I’ve seen in a while.

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Yea I know how you feel. Anyways, I can’t wait to play it!

if you don’t have anything helpful to say then don’t say it
also this game is NOT generic i have almost never seen a 2d pixel art game on roblox like this

@MorbidalDev this game looks great! looks alot like mister hops great atmosphere love the art cant wait to play this

also sry for pinging you


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Happened to me too, thus why I warn people whose posts are misplaced.

That’s is something kind not a lot of people do. Have a great day.

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