I've created a decently rated game, but I'm struggling with promotion/advertising

I’m looking to keep a constant playerbase and have a plan to make profit. I’m fine with running a loss for now if it means a steady playerbase, but I wouldn’t know what to invest into.

My current issue is that the game is well-received but my CTR is incredibly low, and I make only a fraction of what I put into sponsors/ads. I’d like to learn from those who have managed to overcome this initial population hurdle, because honestly I’m stumped.

I advertised once for R800 with a CTR of 0.46%. This was just testing the waters, gained an initial playerbase and grew the discord but it just resulted in people asking if anyone was online because they wanted to play. I later sponsored for R2000, and got a low CTR of 0.25%, and made about 0.7 robux per view.

Since then, I’ve increased the quality of monetization and hopefully have improved my RPV, although I don’t know why the CTR is so low. I’m open to investing into experimenting, I’m just looking for tips for where to start, since sponsoring and advertising don’t seem to be working out. Here’s the game: DEADLINE [beta] - Roblox

Thanks for any feedback, and I appreciate any help!

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(Note: Im saying only general tips.)

You should only invest after making sure the game is enjoyable enough to stay hours at it and having players replay it everyday (Which can be done by adding daily quests, daily rewards, or simply a periodically harder game that starts easy.)

After making sure about that, you should invest some of your robux on ads and sponsors, note that you should start low and then after noticing some profit or seeing its a low ammount of robux being put on it, you should invest more.

And make sure the ads are attractive and aren’t the same thing as ads of these ways:

  • Famous joined my game.
  • We don’t like (famous or something else).
  • Making ads specifically to a group of people.
  • No scams or anything else like that.
  • Putting meme templates or simply saying “PLAY THIS”.

What you could do is putting a cool GFX that represents a thing about your game (If its a horror game then make a GFX of someone at a scary place of your game.).

(I didnt play or dont know what your game has, its just general tips.)

There are two problems to overcome here.

Problem 1: How do you get players into your game?

The CTRs you’ve shared are not very good. What you can do is make a variety of different ads and put 200 Robux into each, then see which ones do best. However, CTR isn’t everything. Your other goal is to filter who is clicking. If someone would like your game, you want them to click. If someone would hate your game and dislike it, you want to filter that person out (using the ad) before they can damage your game. In other words, the ad should show what your game is like. Creating an ad that’s appealing to click AND informative is a difficult art. Post your ads to the Art Design Support forum and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Problem 2: How do you get players to stay in your game?

I went ahead and tried the game and here was my experience.

  • Asset loading took awhile. Where’s the skip button?
  • The daily reward gui won’t leave my screen
  • It took a few seconds for me to realize what the menu was
  • Why can’t I enter a game alone? Even if it’s supposed to be PvP only, it would be nice to at least test the mechanics or have some kind of practice mode while I’m waiting for someone to join. With the amt of Robux you’ve spent on advertising, you won’t get a huge amount of players all at once. They’ll arrive in a stream. No one wants to be the first person trapped in an unending waiting screen. Thus the first person leaves and the servers will have trouble getting off the ground.
  • People will judge your game within the first 7 seconds. These moments are so, so critical. What I got from this game in the first few seconds was an unskippable blank loading screen, broken GUI, a counter-intuitive menu, and being denied entry into the gameplay. These are all things that make me want to instantly quit and never visit again. What you can do to fix this is make an effort to show what’s great about your game right off the bat.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah the daily reward thing I was still coding while you joined the game, as I read the other comment and realized that was a good suggestion. You’re completely right about the game alone thing, that was where I was struggling with players: I got a good stream, but they had nobody to play with. I’ll likely add an aim training or something to keep them busy while others join. The loading screen isn’t skippable as it’s actually loading assets, I’m not sure why it took so long for you, but it’s not just a random waiting screen.