I've created a Roblox MOBA game


MOBA is Multiplayer Online battle arena

My game Rank Overpowered League [ROL for short]

A pvp team strategy MOBA game where theres two teams and both have their own base and their Crystal Nexus to protect. To win, they need to destroy their towers in order to reach inside their base and get their Crystal to win. They’re more than 15 Rankers/Fighters to play as and each them has their own roles such as Meleed, Ranged, Mixed, and Support

But most of them are unlockable so you can either get more RP (Which you can earn it from winning the game match) and then head to the Spinning Roll to get random Ranker or Skin with RP or buy them with Robux.

In match, they’re 3 lanes between their bases, Bottom lanes, Middle lanes and Top lanes and it will show what kind of lane is good for a role of each Rankers

Between the Lanes are Jungles with mysterious monsters and giants and the creatures in each lanes are called Minions. If you kill them or a player, you’ll earn more Money for the shop behind your base that gives you an item or an upgrade for health, armor and speed

Goal is to reach to their base and get their crystal and win. Stay behind your minion and let them attack the tower for you because they do more damage to towers.

omg thank you so much for reading this. I hope you enjoy my Moba game and lemme know how was it and lemme know if there’s anything to improve

Half of Rankers are Fully voiced and they have announcer voice in match. My friends and the voice actors worked really hard to help me for this game. Ty for reading!!

Oooo you can check out the comic series I made based of it down here!!
Rank Overpowered: First World

Great job! Do we get to use our own avatars? Otherwise it’s not very compatible with Roblox.

In lobby menu you can but in the Match, nope because you’re going to play as a Character as a fighter/ranker and you can get skins for an RP or Robux


In lobby menu you can but in the Match, nope because you’re going to play as a Character as a fighter/ranker and you can get skins for an RP or Robux

I see… you should make it like Bedwars, the character and skin system

I have, have you seen the description?

Oof I was deleting that because I made a spell mistake there lol

So this is what the Arena of the match looks like (Oh wait thats the old version)

In Bedwars there’s a setting to remove system skin and use the original avatar

Uh, a “bit” bad compared to big MOBA games. I expected an actual realistic map :expressionless:

You want help with that terrain editor!? (Serious question, not being intentionally toxic)

Oh :frowning: would do like the map to look more realistic? I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like it, if you would like to help us or tell us more improvement in private, please contact us and join our dis link below if you want

Really sucks you didn’t like it, like a fist punch in a gut. I feel like I can’t do anything right, once a failure always a failure

The image you look at is the old version

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Idk, would you like me to work on the map instead?

Btw the map image you saw is the old version

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This is a current one rn the old image of map is from 2018

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Want some help with MaterialService

(BETA feature)

Hmm… I tried that game, and didn’t understand it much. I used to be League and Smite player, but this game didn’t catch me. There’s lot of text, your GUI is not correctly positioned which makes kind of mess on 2K monitor. I’ve met one minion and almost got killed by this one specific minion. Towers don’t look like towers? Not gonna lie I was a little bit lost in this game.

I think a little rework of the GUI could help the game, some characters seem to be boring, for example Darwin, his hook is super slow which has no usage in fight and outside fight, give him some speed so he could use it as a tool for running away. Don’t know what was his ultimate but second spell has done more damage than his fourth, so I suppose his second spell was an ultimate?
Everything has so much redundant detail, even lobby seemed little bit of mess.

Don’t take me as someone who is trying to attack your project, I’m trying to specify what could make some of us feel lost and help you solve this in the future, so your project could get bigger attention, since it has some potential.

Ooo Okie, so I guess I’ll redesign the towers to make it look more specific and buff darvin’s hook.p because there was someone who complained that his hook is too op for an escape.

The reason why minions are strong bc there’s also someone didn’t like when minions were weaker than before and asked me to buff them

I guess I should work on the gui voice commands and it is pretty hard to move them on monitor

But ty for telling me this but I feel sad that it seems hard to understand my game :frowning:

Oh yeah if the tool ability has pink effect, that means it’s an Ult

I wanna know which part in lobby does it look like a mess?

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I’m pretty confident that everything in this ENTIRE GAME, including guis, tools, and maybe animations were probably all free models and tutorials.

Almost anyone can tell that these assets mostly came from the toolbox.


This game is just a mess; including the guis as well…

@Shario_Snowfur I really suggest that you don’t rely on the toolbox and tutorials when creating your games. A lot of free models from the toolbox don’t look that great and may contain viruses!

And If your trying to monetize it, you are mostly not going to get anyone to play this game, nor make any revenue.

That is the truth and I apologies if I offend you.

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Actually that gui is simply made from me and my friends for Voice command and currently fixed the position. Just because it’s from the Toolbox, doesn’t mean most models weren’t made by me since mostly I started with part scratch and adding more parts into a map model and other models. The Trees and the crystals and turrets are the only one that is free models. My friend made that campfire and crate and the Menu Lobby those swords and the Buildings around the Lobby are the only one that are free models. I only took some of them from free models and I made sure none of them have virus. I’ll either replace or redesign the free model if it bothers them that its a free model thinking that I’m lazy

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Too many free models … :expressionless:

You don’t have your own style, so everything is mixed up, the very essence of a good game and its personality and we can see it very well, the two buildings and even everything around them don’t have exactly the same style ! :neutral_face:

And we can see under your map … :expressionless:
sorry if this offends you.
Have a good day ! :wink: