Ive finally got a steady flow of concurrent discovery players. Now I have a bunch of other questions

So, I did 1 day ad (bad, should have done campaign) for my game, and after 2 days I have completely crushed the visits I got from that ad with discovery players, I got like 250 visits from that ad and yesterday I got 1k visits. However, it appears there are some stats I have that seems to be lacking and I need some advice. I have a concurrent player base of around 1-10 people. If there are no players, it usually takes around a minute or two for another server to fill up pretty quickly in my opinion.

This is the game: Survive Ohio 💀 - Roblox

If you need further data to dissect it more, just tell me and I will reply to you with that data

1. Play length time is low
When I look at my data, it appears that the number of players are heavily attributed with the number of players playing my game. The more players/visits, right after that the play length time increases

As of now, my play length time is around 3 minutes. My hypothesis is that the players that join think a specific game mode they played is all that is to the game, or they don’t like that game mode, so they leave thinking that they might not have fun from the other game modes, this seems to happen the most with one of my game modes, shooting mode. I have 4 other game modes with unique gameplay experiences. But if a player is not deterred, I’ve seen that they last anywhere around 5 minutes to 10 minutes to even an hour sometimes. My problem is hooking players essentially, as a majority leave after a few seconds and a few stay hooked and stay for some time, I don’t think that the players that leave are not my games demographic, I think they are and I just don’t hook those people.

Not a single sale of any of my game passes or developer products, only 1 sale of private servers. As of now, I don’t know my premium payouts because its been less than 7 days before my game glowed up and that stat only updates every 7 days I think. Now, my original hypothesis is that they aren’t clicking on the button that shows the products, so I recently added a pop up thing in the left side of the screen showing what I think would be the most popular things for players to buy, but I don’t say its popular, I just put it up there. I don’t know what the result of that would be because I just implemented that today, but If you have any other ideas why I have not sold anything and potential solutions or advice that can deter that, please leave a reply.

3. I have a last question which isn’t necessarily about a poor performance.
How should I increase my concurrent player numbers? As of now, its usually between 1-10 people playing my game at all times. And the Roblox algorithm seems to give me players in some sort of wave,

Im thinking of doing a small ad campaign that lasts for a week or something like that starting in Wednesday because thats probably when impressions would be cheapest when I start advertising, Im not sure if this can permanently increase concurrent player numbers though. Im aware that retention rates and time lengths can make games popular, and thats how my game is right now, all of my players are discovery players. But I wonder If by increasing my player numbers short term can cause higher retention rates or time lengths and thus increase more discovery players permanently after the ads. My hypothesis is that if there are more full servers, more new players can by welcomed more easily and they will stay for longer. My game is a social game. I’ve also noticed that players that join with like 3 people will only stay for like 10 seconds before leaving, just lower numbers means lower play length times.

Thank you very much for your advice (: ! And if you could, if you have some piece of media you think could help me such as a video or something I would read, please recommend that to me as well. I love info.