I've got falsely banned and the support form does not work, causing me to delay my projects

Today, I got banned, working on a new update for my new game with a planned update release April 9th. I’ve uploaded a picture which contained this text: “Congratulations, you’ve won 10,000 fragments!” (in-game currency), while getting the moderation note " Roblox does not permit phishing or scamming links, requests for passwords, selling of accounts, uploading of unauthorized accounts, selling Roblox assets for real money off platform, or artificially inflating numbers associated with experiences."

As a developer this is really frustrating, since I also had one another project I had to work on and had already planned the day out for it. I made a promise to the community and my fellow colleagues, about certain stuff, but no, Roblox Moderation has to be faulty as always.

I tried the appeal form, however after spending 10 minutes writing my appeal out, I click submit, it says my user doesn’t match (it does) and it just closes the page and redirects me back to the “not-approved” page. And I don’t get any email too, about my ticket being created, as I usually used to get.

I just don’t know what to do, and I’d like to get this resolved as soon as possible, if you know a way I could contact a Roblox moderator other than support form, please let me know!

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This is probably the cause of your Ban, even though I don’t understand what it really means, as it’s very vague… next time upload it from an Alt

It most likely means botting the game, which I never did, and has no relation to the image I’ve uploaded.

Well, then you are probably [another] victim of bad Roblox Moderation, next time upload it from an Alt

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