I've noticed a new Global Variable when scripting

I found some odd Global Variable, it’s called task. It has two properties/functions, Desynchronize and Synchronize. I haven’t found anything on the web, and I find it new.
I couldn’t take a screenshot, seeing as the IntelliSense closes the frame when I exit Roblox Studio.
Synchronize’s description is “Yields the calling script and queues it for serial execution following the completion of the parallel completion phase of the frame.”
Desynchronize’s description is “Queues the calling script to be run during the parallel execution phase of the frame.”
I haven’t used it yet, because I currently don’t need it.

Does anyone have any idea what this means? and is it on Roblox’s API Reference?

You must have enabled the new Parallel Lua beta. It’s basically used to allow multiple scripts to run at the same time. You can learn more here Parallel Lua Beta

Because of how new it is and how it is currently still in a beta there isn’t any documentation for it. But that post above should cover 99% of everything you need to know about it.

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You’re right.
I’m a idiot.

But apparently it runs very fast, compared to regular scripts.
I’ll check it out.