I've open-sourced Dungeon Life

Hey all,

Even though I work for the enemy (I got a job at Mojang! It’s awesome!) I wanted to share some of the fruits of my Roblox labor over the past couple of years. If you want a fairly advanced, complicated project to sink your teeth into look no further:

It illustrates the use of typescript and rojo, has ranged weapons that are an ok compromise between favoring the shooter and preventing cheating, has random dungeon generation, a minimap, costume changing technology, and random item creation.
Unfortunately it’s all rather heavily coupled so teasing out just the bit you want might be more work than starting from scratch, but it’s worth a look.

And, hey, if you were one of the few people who were into Dungeon Life, you can make your own build that does what you want with it! In my wildest dreams somebody will make some cool stuff that I can pull back into the original.

I’d love it if somebody got a build going in a new Place, just to make sure that I got all the kinks out. If you’re interested in giving it a try you can let me know on the DL Discord (https://discord.gg/4GA6YR) or on Twitter (@happionlabs) - I check those a little more often than I check the Roblox forums. Particularly drop a line if you try it and get stuck!

Happy holidays!



Def. A good resource for new developers!


Thanks alot! I think this will help out alot of people in learning how alot of things are done such as creating a “placing system”. Congrats on getting a job aswell.


Well, i played this game and looks awesome that you make this game open sourced, well, congratulations on having a Mojang Job! And thanks for everything. Also, how do i edit and manage the game?

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This is an amazing resource - especially coming from an industry veteran (I loved the old spiderman games)!

Thanks for open sourcing the project!


Cloned and then tried to get to your test place via the readme but got a 404 for


Thanks for this!

Even if it may not be in the prettiest state, it’s at least highly interesting to see how an accomplished game developer approaches development on ROBLOX. Definitely going to be doing my best to pick this apart and I’m sure I’ll learn something along the way.

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This game was very amazing when I first played it. Open-sourcing it will enable developers to learn off of it alot! Thank you for the resource!

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Have you looked at the build instructions on the front page? What part are you stuck on?

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Weird - are you still getting 404? I’m able to click it with multiple different roblox accounts.

Ok. So… I opened the readme in VS Code and Ctrl+Clicked it and got a 400 not a 404. My Bad.
It appears the Ctrl+Click did a copy/paste and that took the whole sentence not just the link.
Clicking in GitHub worked and copy paste and delete everything except the actual URL worked.

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After looking through the source, I did have a question - how was the experience using TS for roblox?
Was the linting good, and were you able to transpile everything to lua without any issues? Also, did it actually improve the development experience for you?

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Type checking is awesome and I’m not even using the full linting / static analysis that the roblox-ts peeps have set up.
I prefer typescript immensely but couldn’t actually say if it’s made me more productive - the interface between the old lua code and the new TS code still has nothing preventing me from making mistakes and not only do I get bugs that would have been caught by type checking but also often off-by-one errors due to typescript being 0 indexed and lua being 1 indexed and how that’s handled.
That said, the more I use it and the more of my old code I move over the more productive I’ll be, so at some point it will pay off…


I remember watching a video of you trying the new Spiderman web swinging system since you created the original one, and I was very astonished to discover you were now a developing on roblox. I felt a bit pity then, but now I’m very glad you’ve made a major leap.

Hey !, so i downloaded the file from github then i opened the rblx file and i got a error i think its corrupted or something do you know how to maybe fix this?

Do you have any idea what you are doing? I recommend following the README.md and reading previous discussions if you don’t.

I totally believe that it is possible that it is corrupted, but I doubt it.

so I did read the readme file but it does not say anything on how to open it a other way, so I think it’s just corrupted or it’s just that I am doing something wrong thank you for responding.


It should automatically prompt you to setup git-lfs as you’re cloning, but if it didn’t - or you said ‘no’ - then you might see an error like that.
Git-lfs will download the actual rblx instead of just maintaining a stub.

Latest news: there were some missing monsters in what I originally uploaded but they’re in now.

thank you for replying, that could be the case because i downloaded it instead of cloning,ill try to clone it thank you for you’re reply. :smile:

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