Ivy County Sheriffs Office | LOOKING FOR DEVELOPERS! (CLOSED)

I am iiZescah, a Roblox Law Enforcement and Military enthusiast. I am as well the Co Founder of Ivy County Sheriffs Office. The groups hold 93 members currently. We are looking for developers that can help make a county.

About the job

We are needing developers to make a county, with cars, houses, etc. We are needing developers that can stay in close contact with higher ranks. We are in need of one developer. The county wont be like Mayflower, or anything. It will be like Mano County.


We are looking to pay quite low, as we do not make much currently.
About, 1000 R$ for payment. It’s all the group can afford to give currently.

The current development team

@Mastermelendez - Lead builder
@iiZescah - (I am somewhat going to help make the map…)

Contact me!

I am looking to contact you through the Forum or through ‘Via DM’s’ in Discord.


Our group link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4371801/Ivy-County-Sheriffs-Office#!/about
Our training center link: https://www.roblox.com/games/3139063720/Ivy-County-Training-Texas


You never specified to us what developers you need and how many.
You just said you where looking for developers. Maybe do something like this:

Builder: @username, @ username
or Builder: 0/2


Did you mean it’s nothing? 1000 = 3.50 USD


If you’re talking about building a realistic county rethink your payment. At the very least you should be offering in the region of 10k-15k.


No no I didn’t, mean it’s nothing. It’s just a small payment, and it’s all we can afford to pay currently.


will you be offering percentages in the future? You need more payment info.

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Mkay. And, no we will not be offering percentages in the near future,


If your paying $3.50 for an entire county you need to offer a percentage of like 50%.


Most devs aren’t gonna make something for just 1000 Robux. Thats not a lot. From my experience most Builders charge around the 10K - 15K range for something like that.

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I don’t believe any experienced builders will take 1000 robux as payment, unless they’re inexperienced or still learning.

If you really want your County to succeed, I recommend either giving away a percentage or simply saving funds.
With your budget, I believe the saving funds part is a issue, which will prompt you to offer a percentage.

For builders to take the offer, you’ll need to provide more information and potential profit back to the developer. The developer needs to know more information like total funds for advertising, activity, and other simple things.

Hope you take this post into consideration.


Alright, I will. Currently now I believe we are fine, I will be closing this post because we are not looking for any right now…