Ivy-Like 3D Random Walker

Here’s an open source 3D space crawling algorithm. I made this for non-game purposes as a learning and explorative tool for seeing how a thing like this works.

The system has a script in ServerScriptService that can be enabled and disabled on the fly. Connected to Heartbeat, that is, every frame, the algorithim is ran on a table it constantly updates of active and retired nodes, and based on a living condition of selected positions through raycasting, decides whether to grow a new node, or just age the current node towards obsolescence.

Video of the “runaway lattice” implementation:

Nodes & Rose Bushes:

You can find the studio file here:
IvyAlgorithim.rbxl (70.6 KB)
Or get it from the uncopylocked game directly:

Happy holidays and happy experimenting! I hope you find this interesting, or even cooler, improve it!


Amazing, as always Grey. Can’t wait to see what you do next! (Also would this applicable to large maps as well or is there a limit to it’s generation?)

Looking at the code, there is no limit, besides the obvious memory limitation because of the growing array for detecting parts. Also, it’ll get very slow after running for about half an hour.