Jack of all trades (The Game)

Jack of all trades is a game I’ve been working on since late 2020. It took me almost 2 years to make for multiple reasons one being related to my education (aka school) and partially because I lost motivation to make this game along the way several times. But finally I took a step to finish this game once and for all and I am willing to develop this game further for a long way.

This game is related to what the title says. It’s a collaboration of all the popular games I’ve played throughout roblox mashed all together into a minigame format. As of early beta/now, This game includes Murder Mystery, Freeze Tag, Sword Fight. It doesn’t have any single player games yet (like parkore, puzzle, mazes, floor is lava, etc) but it’ll get created soon if it gathers somewhat minimal audiences.

Other than the gameplay there’s not much to it. Keep in mind that the only person whom contributed anything to the game was me and only me. From making the musics to coding, building, animating and rethinking the whole project multiple times. So bare with me while I try to make it a perfect game for people all ages alike. :two_hearts:

Thanks for reading! I love you all.
There’s many ways you can reach out to me one being the Twitter. Please do so if you appreciate my work. I really need some motivation to keep on going.