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Hi there! I’m Ivan, but I’m better known for my username JackOfAllTrades101. I’m a creatively versatile and passionate programmer located in New York. I am offering my services as a scripter. I excel in both frontend and backend programming. I’ve been scripting on Roblox since 2013 and contributed to a few titles, such as Dragon Ball Zenkai Burst, Dragon Ball Online, and Fairy Tail Online Fighting. Professionally, I’ve developed NARS Sweet Rush, CurioCity, and Bakugan Battle League.

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I attended Farmingdale State College and graduated in May 2021 with a Bachelor’s in Computer Programming and Information Systems. I learned a decent amount in school, but my experience from working is what really molded me into the programmer I am today. Before Covid, I worked a paid internship at a debt collection agency as an IT intern, aside from working as a Spanish tutor. Fortunately, I created programs and modified data and code in a production environment during my internship, something I know many don’t get the luxury of doing for theirs. Following my college graduation, I worked for Melon Inc. as a contracted game developer and quickly earned a promotion to Senior Game Systems Engineer. I believe this makes me an ideal candidate for a project.

Lastly, I’m adept in OOP and mathematical knowledge and have experience with GitHub and Visual Studio. Below is a breakdown of the languages I know. If you’d like to see my LinkedIn, GitHub, and/or resume, contact me and I can provide those.

  • Lua
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Java
  • SQL
  • mvBASIC
  • JavaScript
  • HTML


Below are the experiences I’ve developed on Roblox.

Below are some more examples of my work.

AI Bots

Artificially intelligent FPS bots made using a finite state machine class I created.
Dodge Actual Bots - YouTube

Ragdoll and Carry Mechanics

A system for players to ragdoll and carry other players who became ragdolls.

Avatar Editor and Outfit Inventory

An avatar editor that allows players to attach items, such as accessories, clothes, and body parts, to their avatar using the item’s asset ID. Players can also save the outfits they make and change to them whenever they please.

Animation Inventory

A window displaying lists of dance, pose, and emote animations that players can click and use. Players also have the ability to search through the lists and view previews of the animations.

Animation Synchronization

Players can synchronize animations with another player by clicking that player. The synchronization ends when they click the same player again or click a different player.

Gravity Quirk Attacks

This was for a commission. They’re both attacks where rocks are summoned around the player then sent towards the direction of their mouse. The only real difference is that the rocks in the second attack move parallel to each other rather than towards the same point. The effects are entirely client-sided and use Raycast and TweenService. The server handles the damage done to opponents.

Gravity Quirk Form

This was also for a commission. Players are able to cloak themselves in a pink aura after playing a short cutscene of their transformation.

Avatar Editor

Another avatar editor where players can view a catalog of Roblox items that they can add to or remove from their avatar. Players are also able to search through the catalog for their desired items.

Skin Tone Editor

When players use these tanning beds, a pop-up window appears for them to select a preset skin tone or choose from the color wheel. The color wheel uses the equation of an ellipse rather than a circle because it’s more versatile.


Client-sided fireflies that use Raycast for pathfinding and avoiding surfaces.

Rainbow Gradient Text

Moving rainbow gradient text using RichText and string patterns. The effect is made using a trigonometric equation I made using tangent and arctangent. I provide the script here.

Party System

A party system that allows players to invite up to 3 players to their party. The system uses teleport data to keep the parties intact when joining other servers.


A sprite sheet module that turns a sprite sheet within a ImageLabel, ImageButton, or Texture into a GIF. I provide the script here.

Beyblade Customizer and Shop

A customizer and shop I made for a Beyblade-like game I was making in 2018.


A FPS dodgeball game I made in 2017 that was inspired by Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball on Steam. The game is cross-platform.
Dodgebots Mobile Gameplay - YouTube


I am available for six to eight hours of work each day. You can contact me any time.


I accept either hourly pay or contracted monthly salary. My preferred payment method is USD but I can accept the Robux equivalent.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via the following:

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me if there is additional information I can provide.


Dopee what are your pay-rates? I might have more than a few friends that could use your service

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I like your work. Can we talk more on Discord about a project I am interested in having you in? I’ve added you (Merc#1410). I have a few questions and would love to discuss detail on what I would like to hire you for.