Jail City: Update Log

Jail City is a game similar to Jailbreak but in my twist. You can play it here:

Recent Updates:

v5.2.6 - WEtech Update
  • Fixed an issue with WEtech
v5.2.5 - Firmware Update
  • Improved internals
v5.2.4 - Final update
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added os.time() automatic winter. It will not be as impressive as if we do it ourselves. The last winter will be 2022.
  • Compressed the game as much as we can.
v5.2.2 - Performance and bug fixes
  • Added a loading screen to show when the game is loading
  • Put buildings on the ground
  • Made bank robbing a little faster
  • Corrected wording on the Bank Robbing UI
v5.2.1 - 8/11/2020 - Anti lag Update

-Jail City is now faster than High Noon Hijack

v5.2.0 - 7/15/2020 - Small = Big Update

-New UI
-Fixed bugs
-Jail City no longer breaks computers
-Map Changes