Jail Commission Feedback

Hey folks!

My name is UnknownHashtag (Hash), and I am a builder on the Roblox platform with around two years of experience. I specialize mainly in realistic builds, and today I was looking for some feedback on what I think was one of my best realistic builds so far!

This was made for someone on discord and was inspired by State view, but was not fully completed.

Any feedback small or big is appreciated as I am looking to enhance my skills; thanks!


The second image is a medium-security prison that I started but could not complete!

I would recommend to make the lights a bit darker. If you search up ‘jail pictures’ most of the pictures aren’t fully light and a bit dark. If you want you can put a bit of wearing down of the cells such as a corner of it has some dark bits, counting as mould or the wall paint is getting chipped off by one of the inmates. Overall the prison is great already.


Looks great. Though, your medium-level picture could likely do better with less of the padding, as it seems to be quite repetitive in it’s design. Perhaps remove it with the flooring that has the railings?

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Yes, that’s very true! To be fair, I did not focus on the lighting as much but I believe lighting is a vital part of making a build even better than it already is, I will implement your’ feedback for future projects! Thank you very much.

Sorry, I don’t think I understand what you refer to as padding. I designed those to resemble tiles if you are talking about the floor.

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I think the colors in the first picture blend together, making some of the objects look flat.

If you for instance changed the color of the legs on the chairs to a different color from the seat.
You can also change materials. Fer example have the legs in metal and seat in wood.

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Yes, I simply mean the tiles. They just seem abundant.

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