Jailbreak-like Gun system

Hello! I am J, a pretty known SCP genre developer and community manager.
I have created a gun system similar to the one “Jailbreak” has, but brought different edits in order for it to fit the SCP genre field. Please check it out, as I am constantly looking for anything to get improved.


  • V → Changes gun system type (Over-the-Shoulder/Third-Person)
  • T → Changes the side “camera” is located at during Over-the-Shoulder gun system mode.
  • B → Enables team-kill feature. (Allows you to kill teammates if enabled.)
  • Q → Aim. (A simple analogue to what a keycode “E” or “F” usually is implemented in Third Person gun systems allowing different gun stances, during OTS allows to “fix” a camera on the same place without you having to hold RMB in order to aim.)

Upcoming (not yet here but will exist):

  • Tactical “Lasers”, “Flashlights” and other attachments.
  • Gun customization methods.

You may check the game here: new gun system - Roblox

Any feedback is appreciated, please do not hesistate to express your thoughts here.
Thank you!


Hey J,
That’s an amazing weapon you made, NICE! I would suggest just upper the weapon a bit more when it is in the hand. Nice work! :+1:

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can you show screenshots or videos?


as @IceTheOneAndOnly said plz show screen shots or videos

It’s really cool. Great job. :+1:

@ZINTICK , @IceTheOneAndOnly , I see completely no point of recording any videos when I provided a game link.

yeah, uh, what about us who kinda can’t play the game right now? also you’re being kinda harsh while saying ‘completely no point’


Okay, so using the gun system I have a few quirks with it. Lemme see here

  1. Basic character gripe here, wings get in the way. I know you could just say “Oh, just take the wings off”, but it’d enhance the experience if it blurred items like that when you aimed

  1. Recoil is a bit weird, instead of jerking up and down in a recoil manner, the gun sporadically moves upwards either direction. It feels unnatural which also makes it weird to handle

  2. Swapping shoulder cam needs to be a bit farther


  1. Love the fact that you can choose between OTS & TPS, although the sound cuts out if you zoom out too far

  2. If you have TK on, you can shoot anyone else even if they have TK off. Don’t know if this on purpose but feels weird if it is

  3. No hitmarker :pensive:

It’s a framework for something great, all it’s going to take is just working out a few flaws to make it satisfying and rewarding to use. Currently, the gun system feels most to me like Blacksite Zeta which I love. Keep going and I bet this’ll be an awesome gun engine

Good on ya :sunglasses:


I agree with you @IceTheOneAndOnly , when people ask for feedback they should at least have in mind people that can’t play the game. @Administrat0r_J I don’t know if it was intentional but, if you want feedback, the best you can do is include images/videos/links. Obviously, if you’re only giving us a link, the feedback you will get is less than a post with images, links, videos. I feel like some people will feel sad/excluded to not be able to see your creations and even more after what you said “completely no point”.


Team kill option is here for people to purposely enable it to damage people on their team. It is working as it is supposed to.

Instead of it strictly going up, I decided to make it go up and to the random sides.
In real life it would not just go “up”, but move to the left or right a little, which was implemented.

It works this way: increment of the “height” it rotates to is ≥ 0, while the increment of the X rotation axis differs from the - | limit | to | limit |.

I will replicate sounds on client as well, thank you for pointing this out.

In my opinion, current two and a half studs in both sides from the head is already enough.

The game it is made for is having a character customization system, which does not allow such accessories, it would not be an issue in-game.

Might add it later, thank you for the suggestion.

Hope I answered all of your current questions.

Heh, apologies if you considered it “harsh”. I am not used to record videos about performance of my job, unless those are some small gif images for my community.

P.S. My OBS recorder is cursed due to monitor size.


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I have purposely not done any animations when you are shooting and reloading.
My gun system is not supposed to display guns on the “back” as well. For example, Test Subjects who hold a gun that way might just get terminated.