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James’ Café | Public Handbook

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About James’ Cafe

James’ Cafe is a café, established in 2022. James’ Cafe thrives to be one of the best café’s out there on Roblox. James’ Cafe tries to import real life into Roblox by using expensive licences, just for you.

Last updated: 04/04/2023
More information coming soon.

James' Café | Rules & Behaviour

Please Note: Do NOT share public links across our games. This is against Roblox TOS. Thanks!

  1. Hinting is NOT allowed. This will give you a lower chance of being promoted. This will result in a demotion.

  2. Grammar is required for LR, MR, HR, and SHR.

  3. Do not ask to be in a department. Only HR and SHR.

  4. No NSFW. This is not tolerated in our server!

  5. No swearing, bullying, and harassment. This will result as a termination and a possible blacklist.

  6. Do not make a new account if your main account has been banned / permanently banned. This is called ban evading. This will result in a blacklist.

  7. Please speak English in our Discord Server. It will be hard for our moderators to moderate the chat.

  8. Finally, have fun!

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James’ Café | Public Handbook

Thank you for looking at James’ Café’s handbook. If you have any questions or concerns, please tell a member of Corporate.

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