Jamie's Handbook

Welcome to our Handbook, the most informative source within our group! Ranging from rank guides to affiliate applications, everything you need can be located within this document. If you have any further questions/concerns, then do not hesitate to message a Corporate Executive.

Introduction to Jamie's

Jamie’s is the largest, most successful restaurant on Roblox dedicated to serving authentic, French cuisine. As a group, we’re constantly expanding every day, and always working on making Jamie’s the most engaging community on the platform.

Jamie’s Group


@ciIlie, Chief Executive Officer (Director of Management)
[@goreIIa, Chief Operations Officer (Director of MR] (laney - Roblox)
@VampeIIa, Chief Staff Officer (Lead Moderator)
@vexlights, Chief Staff Officer (Director of MR)

Code of Conduct

We have designed this code of conduct to ensure the safety of all our members, and essentially to prevent any articles of Roblox ToS being breached. Discord rules can be located in #server-information.

  1. Don’t spam. Spamming is disruptive, and negatively impacts the experience of other guests. Spamming essentially means sending messages repetitively in-game. Users caught spamming will be warned, then removed from the server, if they rejoin and continue to spam, they’ll be issued a ban.

  2. Don’t attempt to bypass the Roblox chat filter. Most players on Roblox are under the age of 13, and it’s our primary responsibility as a group to ensure the safety of our guests, and not expose any underage players to inadequate language. This is an automatic ban, even users who unsuccessfully attempt to bypass the filter will still be banned.

  3. Don’t exploit. Users caught exploiting will be automatically banned from our game, and server. Exploiting can potentially damage the game itself, and essentially negatively impact the experience of our guests. Exploiters should not be approached under any circumstances. If you happen to encounter one, please try to contact a Jamie’s Executive straight away by posting a message on our Discord or group wall.

  4. Don’t attempt to bypass rank doors. Guests who are caught in any staff area will be automatically banned. Our employees should be the only players behind the front desk.

  5. Be respectful. Respect is crucial, and is something we heavily enforce as a group. We expect all our guests, and employees to respect one another. Just because you may not like someone does not mean that you are able to make any disrespectful remarks about them. Employees caught disrespecting each other will be demoted.

Alliance Information

Alliance Information

Jamie’s strives to form long-lasting, productive relationships with other established groups within the Roblox business industry. If you’re interested in forming a partnership with Jamie’s, read the information below, and see if you’re eligible! We do allow exceptions, but you must message the Founder (cey#0001) to be considered.


  • Must have at least 2,000 non-botted group members.
  • Must be structured, and have upper-management ranks.
  • Must be competently established, and a drama-free community.
  • Must be able to announce events occurring within our community if we accept your application.


  • Send all links associated with your group.
  • State who will be representing your group if we were to form a partnership.
  • State how many group members you currently have, and your Owner’s Roblox username.
  1. Why would you like to form an alliance with Jamie’s?
  2. Why should Jamie’s form an alliance with your group?
  3. What do you hope to gain from this alliance?
  4. Do you fully understand that we are at liberty to terminate any alliance at any time?
  5. State any further questions/concerns here.

You must send your application to any Chief Staff Officer+ via Discord.

Ban Appeal Information

If you have been banned from our restaurant or communications server, and either feel your ban was wrongful, or would like a second chance to rejoin our community, then you must successfully complete our ban appeal. Note, you do not need to use grammar on this appeal, however it needs to be evident that you have changed your behaviour or your ban was completely false.


  • You must wait at least 24 hours after your ban was issued before you attempt to appeal.
  • Your Roblox/Discord account must be over 30 days old to appeal your ban.
  • You must not have any other moderation history within Jamie’s.


  • State if you’re appealing a Discord ban or Roblox ban.
  • State your Roblox username.
  • State when you were banned.
  1. Why are you appealing your ban?
  2. Why should we consider removing your ban?
  3. How do we know you won’t repeat any behaviours that originally led to your ban?

You must wait at least 24 hours before your ban appeal can be successfully reviewed.

You must send your application to a Chief Staff Officer+ via Discord.

Rank Information

We have designed this section to ensure all employees of Jamie’s are well aware of their duties, and what’s expected of them as a Jamie’s employee.

Trainee: The first rank you will acquire as an employee at Jamie’s. Members can obtain this role by successfully completing our Trainee Quiz at our Job Center.

Server & Chef: Servers and Chefs are general employees who serve customers, and prepare food. You obtain these roles by having a specific amount of in-game points that allows you to rank up.

Shift Leader: Shift Leader is the last general employee rank you will acquire before becoming a Jamie’s Executive. Shift Leaders are eligible to attend Executive interviews, and have additional, exclusive in-game perks which other LRs don’t have.

Assistant Supervisor: The first Jamie’s Executive rank. Assistant Supervisor is essentially more of an ‘intern’ role; an executive who doesn’t have in-game administrative perks. Assistant Supervisors, do however, have authority over lower-ranked members. Executives in this role are assigned to the Middle Rank department. Limit: 30

Supervision Team: Members of this role have shown they can be trusted with administrative perks, and can also manage lower-ranked users roles. Executives in this role are assigned to the Middle Rank department. Limit: 25

Moderation Team: Moderators are still Jamie’s Executives, however this is a bridge department which allows MRs to gain more experience as an Executive in Jamie’s before joining the Management department. This is a 1 rank department managed by the Lead Moderator. Limit: 20

Assistant Manager: Assistant Managers have more in-game authority, and are officially High Ranks. Assistant Managers are expected to work with the Management Team to ensure the restaurant is running smoothly. Executives in this role are assigned to the High Rank department. Limit: 10

Management Team: Members of our Management Team are progressing well in their career as a Jamie’s Executive, and will now have more opportunities to expand their knowledge on the group. Members of our Management Team will have additional administrative tasks such as handling recommendations, etc. Executives in this role are assigned to the High Rank department. Limit: 5

Board of Executives: Our Board of Executives have reached the final stage of their career as a Jamie’s Executive. Members of this role will get to help the Corporate Executives with special tasks, and also have more authority over lower-ranked members. Some board members may even be invited to work as an intern in one of our staff departments. Executives in this role are assigned to our High Rank department, however are also overseen by our Founders who will monitor their progress as a board member, and eventually offer them corporate training. Limit: 5

Chief Staff Officer: A Corporate Executive who will either direct the Middle Rank or High Rank department. Limit: 3

Chief Operations Officer: A more advanced Corporate Executive with extra responsibilities; however, will still be assigned to direct either the Middle Rank or High Rank department. Limit: 1

Chief Executive Officer: The CEO of Jamie’s works closely with the Founders to monitor Corporate Executives, oversee group departments, and manage development. Limit: 1

Co-Founder: The Co-Founder of Jamie’s works closely with the Founder; acting more as a corporate administrator, however assisting with development, marketing, etc. Limit: 1

Founder: The Owner of Jamie’s Restaurant Franchise. Responsible for all group oversight, and corporate administration. Limit: 1

Department Information

We have designed this section to ensure all Jamie’s Corporates and Executives are aware of their duties as a member of one of our departments.

If you haven’t worked at Jamie’s before, being a part of a ‘department’ might confuse you. Essentially, certain ranks are grouped together, to form a ‘department’, where one or two Corporate Executives of Jamie’s are assigned to watch over each department.

Middle-Rank Department:

The Middle-Rank department consists of the ranks Assistant Supervisor, and Supervision Team. The Directors of Middle Ranks are responsible for managing executive users assigned to these positions.

High-Rank Department:

The High-Rank department consists of the ranks Assistant Manager, Management Team, and Board of Executives… The Directors of High Ranks are responsible for managing executive users assigned to these positions.

Corporate Department:

The Corporate department consists of the ranks Chief Staff Officer, and Chief Operations Officer. The CEO, and the Founders of Jamie’s are responsible for overseeing the Corporate department.

Communications Department:

One of our Corporate Executives will be assigned to direct communications (a sub-department). This involves forming alliances, community engagement, event coordination, etc.

Getting a Job at Jamie's

Becoming an employee at Jamie’s is fairly simple. All you need to do is apply for Trainee at our Quiz Center, and successfully complete the quiz in order to start working as a Trainee.

LR Promotions:

Trainee to Server = 200 Points

Server to Chef = 700 points

Chef to Shift Leader = 1500 Points

You must inform an Assistant Supervisor+ when you have enough points for a promotion as they will need to submit a rank request.

The role after Shift Leader is ‘Assistant Supervisor’, the first Jamie’s Executive role. There are many ways you can acquire Assistant Supervisor…

  • Submit an Executive application (released monthly).
  • Attend an Executive interview (only available to Shift Leaders, hosted randomly).
  • Work hard as a Shift Leader, and be recommended by an Assistant Manager+ for Assistant Supervisor.


To be recommended, you must meet the following criteria…

  • 2000+ worker points.
  • Acquire the ‘Shift Leader’ group role.
  • No extensive moderation history within Jamie’s.
  • Account age is at least 30 days old.
Working at Jamie's

Working at Jamie’s is fairly simple, however we have designed a worker manual for you if you are confused on how to perform your job correctly.

All employees ranked Trainee - Shift Leader should attend the host desk, and wait for a customer to approach them before moving from the desk. When a customer approaches you at the desk, state your greeting (e.g Welcome to Jamie’s! My name is Ceyphere, and I’ll be serving you today. How many are in your party?). Then you can take your Customer to a table on the ground floor unless they have purchased outdoor dining, underwater dining, or top floor access. Once you take your customer’s order, go to the bar/kitchen, and locate the red stove. When you locate the stove, click the ‘USE’ button hovering above the stove (if you can’t see it, rejoin the game by stating !rejoin, and it’ll work). Once you click ‘USE’, there will be a display of all the items we serve at Jamie’s, simply click what your customer ordered. To hand your customer the item(s), click their name on the player leaderboard, then click Hand Item.

Steps to Success…

  • Use grammar at all times.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • Respect your co-workers.
  • Display a good work ethic.
  • Listen to Executives.
Jamie's FAQ

If you can’t seem to locate what you were looking for in the Handbook, you can refer to our FAQ before consulting a Corporate Executive.

Q1. How do I get a job at Jamie’s?

A1. Apply for Trainee at our Quiz Center.

Q2. How do I report an employee?

A2. Join our Discord server, and message an HR.

Q3. How do I become an HR?

A3. We don’t release HR applications, you must become an Assistant Supervisor first, and then work hard for promotions. For more information on becoming an Assistant Supervisor, refer to our recruitment section.

Q4. I purchased a rank, how do I acquire it?

A4. Users who purchase ranks will be ranked within 24 hours of their purchase. If not, you can send proof to a Chief Staff Officer+ via Discord.

Q5. How do I develop for Jamie’s?

A5. You must send your portfolio to either cey#0001 or Valor#6145.

Q6. How do I report a bug?

A6. You can report all game bugs to cey#0001 or Valor#6145.

Thank you for checking out our Handbook. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please direct yourself to our #contact-information channel on Discord where you can determine the most suitable Corporate Executive to consult your inquiry with.

Written by,
Founder of Jamie’s Restaurant Franchise

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