Japanese Style House - ROBLOX - Builder

Hello everyone! This is my first building that I post here. I am still a beghinner and I will appreciate some feedback and some improvements. I can’t do roofs too good and the house doesn’t have a back because the one that asked me to do this didn’t needed a house back. I can already say that the sides of the house are a bit undetalied, but I didn’t knew how to do much about it. (ignore the other stuff that are shown in the imagine they aren’t made by me)


Ooo, looks nice! I like the details on the brown wall design thing on the exterior! 10/10


Thank you! I am glsd you like it!

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The walls look a little plain, I suggest adding more support beams to over up the plain white walls. On the second floor balcony thing (the gray thing) maybe add some plants over hanging. And if this is Japanese style try making the roof more pointy. This is just my opinion and feedback you don’t have to take it but i hope this helps.


It looks awesome! Maybe you should add more detail to the walls and make the roof more pointy like @anon15421372 said but 9/10


I agree with @anon15421372 and @devinkid1, the walls are very plain and probably need a little more detail. I’m no expert in Japanese houses, but I still like it a lot, very pretty house.


I like the idea with the balcony and I will probably make it. Do you meant adding plants on the grey thing or the balcony itself? Also I don’t think I will do the wall thing, but it still a good idea. Thank for the feedback!

Yea I should probably make the roof pointy. Thanks for the feedback!

I don’t think I will do something about the walls because I ran out of ideas, but thanks for the feedback. Sorry!

This looks great! I do highly suggest that you put some textures on the walls.

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I was thinking that you could add some bushes or hanging plants off the grey bit and maybe some potted plants on the balcony. Also if you’re going for a low poly design then this looks pretty good.

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I will do the idea with the plants for sure and yea I wanted to keep it low poly because the guy wanted something not so detalied. Thanks for the feedback!

I tried some textures, but they ruined the feeling of clean walls like how I wanted them (I also was inspired by a real house), but thanks for the feedback!

Looks really nice and pleasing to the eye, something to work on would be to ty and add a couple of more things like others said to spice it up some more.


I may work on the house another time because I already have another project. Thanks for the feedback anyways. I won’t forget what you guys told me to do!