Japanese Village / Park Map |

Lxgic here,
Back from a huge break so i decided to see how bad i had gotten since i hadn’t practiced.
I feel like I got better.
anyways please let me know how this looks. :slight_smile: ty


discord is - lxgic#6036


The yellow trim is too strong imo. Maybe make it darker?


The builds are cool, but I would definitely not pay 7,000 Robux for this map. It’s the same building copy and pasted everywhere and re-sized. I would recommend building different houses to replace all the spammed houses.


Wow! It’s great but the trees are all the same size mostly, I would maybe scale some up and scale some down, also you are not allowed to sell things on the DevForum / advertise you selling things.


its pretty good the yellow is too bright


It’s perfect! Breaks do help! :grinning:

Impressive! The yellow stands out a bit too much though. I really like it besides that! Keep up the good work!

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ty guys, about the yellow trim, i realised i had the reflection set to max and the sun rays effect on max too, along with the bloom effect, ill just lower them and the yellow color will get darker

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Theres 4 different buildings, three story one, the hut, the chimney house and the gold trim villa

Oh im sorry, ill get this off rn, btw the trees were randomly scaled using brush tool, TY!

It looks cool, but the real Japan didn’t. I hate historical accuracy being not accurate but there was already a topic about this. Apart from that it was cool, but those tower-house thingies behind that big tower-house thingy look weird.

weeb :flushed:

Maybe it’s not the lightness of the color, but rather the saturation of the color. The saturation is too high causing it to contrast bad against mature colors(this yellow is reminding about children’s toys though).

I really like it, But the yellow stripes on the houses I feel like they are a little big.