[JavaScript] How to know when a new LimitedU comes out. (Item notifier)

  1. What do I want to achieve?
  • Learning JS and wanting to make a limitedU notifier as a first full project
  1. What is the issue?
  • I don’t know where to check for new limiteds, it there an API I can use? Or do I need something a bit more complicated?
  1. What solutions have I tried so far?

For question 2, If there is no API for it, how should I check for new limiteds?

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There’s no API for this. The way you would have to do this is through polling. You can get results off of the catalog in JSON format (redirects to the search API), so if you poll the most recent item created by Roblox and check if it meets your criteria (uploaded not too long ago from the poll time and is a Limited Unique item), then that’s the item.

You can use the link http://www.roblox.com/catalog/json?SortType=3&ResultsPerPage=1&CreatorID=1 to get the most recently updated item by the Roblox account. To explain how this works:

  • The URL itself requests for catalog data in JSON format, seen by /catalog/json
  • SortType=3 is Recently Updated
  • ResultsPerPage=1 limits the query to one item, meaning the most recently updated item
  • CreatorID=1 restricts results to assets created by the Roblox account

If you click the link, you’ll see how you get a result that matches if you go directly to the catalog and input these queries in: created by Roblox and Recently Updated filter. The first item on the page will match the data for what that link returns.


Just in case Roblox releases multiple items at once I might make the results higher than 1, but I can definitely use this, thanks!

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this no longer works,any new ways?

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You now need to use the Marketplace API to get the latest items.

In the below URL we will search for any item in the Collectibles category and then sort by Updated.