Jawks - Upcoming ROBLOX Maze and Puzzle Game!

The Ultimate Puzzle Game!

Should I add more items?

Should I make maps bigger?

Should I make more NPC’s

Should I make traps?

Should I make weapons and enemies?

What Should I add?

What Should I remove?

What mechanics should I add?

Should their be a Boss at the End?

Is the game good?

I have made a game cald Jawks! Recently, here is a quick demo if your curious!

Welcome To Jawks! -/jöks/- ‘Jawks’ Is a puzzle and maze game Inspired by the Windows 3D Maze Screensaver! Find Brick-Like Boxes to Ascend to the Next Level! Talk to NPC’s like The Noob Guide, The Wizard, and the Warrior Noob to help you through out your journey! Read The Speakers messages to help you escape!

Created by StarJ3M and Published by Noob Club RBLX!

Remember, This game is Only a Tech Demo For Now!


Soon I’m going to Implement some music into the game! Same with sounds n’ stuff and make more levels!

( and maybe more NPC’s to help you through out the way! )

Just re-opened the game, sorry for the trouble!

Hai ya @NubblyFry!:wave: You’ve created a cool game concept but I found the game to be very boring… Considering that I finished within the first minute of spawning.:confused:

How You Can Improve The Game:

1.) In my opinion the game has a cool concept but its not puzzling nor does it have a maze like feel to it. There should be less open space, more twists & turns, rather than randomly placed walls in open space.

2.) After finishing it there are no other maps to play. Something that might engage players in your game more is new maps played in round like scenarios or at your own pace.

3.) Lack Of Detail: There wasn’t much detail that went into the map, even if you were going for a mid/low poly vibe… So yes, adding more objects would help ‘spiffy’ up the map.:blush:

4.) To engage players more in the game… Yes I would add more traps, yes I would add a boss, yes you should add more NPC’s (Depending on the difficulty).

Lastly, pat your self on the back because you did a great job with the concept of the game!:+1:


As I told another person, I’m trying to make level 1 easy so that I can appeal to all of the level difficulties!

I will add stuff that will confuse the player! Maybe warp their location, add buttons that they have to click to break borders!

Remember, This game is Only a Tech Demo For Now!

After playing the game I think some of the textures are a little weird such as the brick and water here or maybe its just me…

The map is pretty big and feels lonely it would be nice with some running and music. Speaking of running I think it would be fun with something chasing you(only add running if you do have something chasing you). If you are aiming for something more calming to play add some items to collect or puzzles to do so you can progress further into the maze. more NPC’s would be fun maybe they could give you a quest to get something to progress like a key. Currently, I think the map is at a good size for the content in the game. It was pretty easy even with the map add more twists and turns and not an open space with random walls. Also, adding some traps would make it more challenging which I think would be fun. But make sure there is a way to tell there is a trap even if it is very small. A boss would also be fun :smiley:
Overall, the game is a little boring but that can easily be fixed; you have an interesting game idea :+1:

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Im going to add enemy’s soon into the game!

I’m going to do that soon, especially for further levels!

Heck yea >B)

Remember, This game is Only a Tech Demo For Now!

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Very weird and random. I love it!


Very cool game, though it seems more like a myth / horror game than a puzzle / maze game, still very nice!