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Official Jayori Training Guide
This was last updated 12/21/22
This is outdated. We’re releasing our new one as soon as our training center comes out.

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General Information

This guide is directed towards trainers and hosts, however anyone is able to view it. It was created to make the training process easier and simpler. If you have any questions concerning this post, you should contact a Board of Directors+.

Session Regulations

Training Session Rules/Regulations

  • Management Assistant+ may train
  • Assistant Manager+ may host sessions
  • Grammar must be utilized only by hosts and trainers
  • A minimum of 4 training sessions per month must be attended
  • Feel free to make your own guide, however it must include all main topics that this one has
  • You must claim a session on Trello to be able to host it
  • If you come to find out you can not host but have already claimed, you must find a replacement.
Training Commands

Training Session Commands
We’ve created commands that hosts and trainers can use to make training, or hosting, easier. These commands should not be abused. If you catch someone abusing, make sure to screenshot and send evidence to a BOD+

!open - Allows Trainees to start joining.
!close - Locks the server, use this instead of !slock
!promote - Promotes a Trainee to Junior Chef
!addhost - Makes the player host
!ap [username] - Gives specified player a point
!pass [username] - Passes the specified user, this does not rank them
!fail [username] - Fails the user, use this instead of !kick
!addtrainer - Makes the player a trainer

Session Group Shouts

Training Shouts
The host should change the group shout for the training session depending on its current stage. Time markers for shouts should be 10 minutes prior, when the session starts, and when it ends. Feel free to make your own as long as it contains all the main points.

[TRAINING] A training session will be starting in 10 minutes for all Trainees! If you are a trainee and would like to rank up and start working, head on down to the Training Center.

[TRAINING] The training server has been locked and the session has started. Apologies if you could not make it! However, do not fret as there will always be other sessions you can attend.

[TRAINING] Trainings have ended. Congratulations to everyone who passed! Apologies if you failed. However, do not fret as you can always attend another session. Head on down to the restaurant for a nice Acai Bowl!

Training Procedures

Training Session Procedures

[Prior Training]
The host should join around 20-15 minutes before the claimed session starts. To become the host, they can say !addhost. They should send a message in the management chatroom in the communications server notifying trainers that they can join now. Once all trainer spots are claimed, they should send another message to the chatroom telling others. Once it reaches around 10 minutes before, the host should say !open and send out a 10 minutes prior shout. Trainers are encouraged to stand in front of the stage to answer PTS calls. At :00 before, the host can say !close, send a starting shout, and stop PTS calls and start the session rules.

[Post Training]
Once all trainees have been promoted and passed/failed, the host should ask all trainers to go to the stage. Once everyone is there, the host should change the trello card to “Concluded” and change the description to log the trainers. After that, the group shout should be changed. Once the shout is changed, the host can dismiss the trainers and say !shutdown to end the session.

Host Guide

Host Guide

[Note] When a trainer joins, they should claim a group. There are emojis by the trainer couches to specify what group they are training. There is no need to do a !sort command as the game automatically sorts them. At :00 before, you can start the session and !close it. You should press ’ on your keyboard and paste the session rules in them. To make an announcement, put “m” and then a space before the message. No prefix is needed. The rules should NOT be changed and should be kept the same.

  • Welcome everyone to todays training session! I will be your host for todays session. Behind me are the amazing trainers that came to todays session.

  • I will no longer be accepting PTS calls, as I will be announcing some rules, so please give me your undivided attention.

  • Grammar is not needed here or at the restaurant, however your sentences must be readable and have at least 90% correct spelling.

  • You must use professionalism here and at the restaurant at all times.

  • If you happen to fail this session, do not argue with your trainer as it will just result in you being kicked instantly.

  • If you disconnect from this session, the server will be opened for 2 minutes before it is closed again.

  • You must get 3/5 points to pass todays training session. If you have 2/5 or less, you have not passed.

  • If you need to go AFK, notify your trainer beforehand. You can go AFK for a max of 3 minutes.

  • During this training, there will be 3 stages. Starting off with Greetings, then Cooking, and ending off with Simulations.

  • That concludes all the rules! Please jump and keep jumping until you are teleported to your trainers.

[Note] Say “!jump others”. The trainers should now go to their correct training stations. When trainers PM you, teleport them and use !promote [username] to promote trainees. The username must be completed and capital letters MUST be correct. Make sure to log your trainers in your trello card!

Trainer Guide

Trainer Guide

[Note] Feel free to edit this guide and make it your own, just keep all the main points. Once you are in your training station, you can bring your group by saying !bring %[group]. For example, dolphins would be !bring %dol. Make sure to change the [USERNAME] to your username or preferred name.

  • Hello everyone! I am [USERNAME] and I will be training you today. I will be teaching you how to work at Jayori.

  • Before we start, please make sure you have equipped your uniform if you have not already.

[Note] Wait for all trainees to equip a uniform.

  • Alright. During this session, I will be teaching you the basics and essentials of working at Jayori.

  • This training session will cover III sections. Service, Cooking Rush, and Simulations. Each part is self - explanatory.

  • Before we start off with Service, does anyone have any questions they’d like to ask? Silence will be taken as a no.

[Note] Answer any questions the trainees might have.

  • Alright. During the Service section, you will be showing me your greetings. Each greeting consists of different parts.

  • You will start off by welcoming your customers to Jayori, afterwards asking how many people will be in their group.

  • For example: Hello! I am user, welcome to Jayori. How many people will be in your group today?

  • Afterwards, you can ask them where they’d like to sit. Our options are downstairs, upstairs, aquarium, and gamepass.

  • The gamepass dining areas are boat dining and vip dining. To enter these areas, staff do not need to have the gamepass, however customers do.

  • We kindly ask that you don’t enter these areas without a customer, unless you’re learning the layout of the map.

  • Finally, you should ask your customers what kind of seating they’d like. We offer table and booth, with more to come in the future.

  • Once all of these questions are answered, take your customers to their desired seating areas.

  • In the actual restaurant, you will have a staff - only GUI that allows you to easily copy and paste your greetings.

  • While there is a pre-set greeting, you can always edit it to your liking.

  • Are we all good? Does anyone have any questions they’d like to ask? Silence will be taken as a no.

[Note] Answer any questions the trainees might have.

  • Perfect. I will now be giving you some time to make your greeting. Please jump once you have it prepared.

[Note] Wait for them to finish. Go up to them when they jump. Give them a point if they have a good greeting by saying !ap [USERNAME]. The username MUST be fully spelled and capitals MUST be correct.

  • Fantastic job everyone. We will now be moving on to our next section for today, Cooking Rush.

  • During this section, I will be asking for III different orders, with each order being different and utilizing a different kitchen appliance.

  • Before we start, please follow me as I show you our kitchen layout. This is the same as the restaurant.

[Note] Walk around to each appliance talking about it. Answer any questions they have.

  • You are also permitted to ask questions during this time. Say PTS if you have any questions.

  • First, we have the fridges. These are used to grab drinks. Simply walk up to them, press E, and select the drink you’d like.

  • Next, we have the shelves. This is where each main order starts. Go up to the desired category, Appetizer, Entree, or Dessert.

  • Next, press E and find the food you’d like. Now, an arrow will pop up telling you where to go next.

  • This could be the cutting boards, ovens, or ice cream machines based on what you chose.

  • After the shelves, we have the cutting boards. These are mainly used for Acai Bowls and chopping ingredients.

  • To prepare items here, you will either have to play a minigame, or do some simple math.

  • Going more in-depth on the math, Jayori uses more advanced math than just subtraction and addition, but overall it is still simple.

  • Next up are the ovens. These are used for cooking food items. To cook, you will either have to describe the food you’re cooking with emojis, or play a minigame.

  • Finally are the ice cream stations. Each flavor has its own machine, so make sure you go up to the correct one.

  • To make ice cream, simply pull down the GUI lever that appears on your screen.

  • Are we all good on the different appliances? Does anyone have any questions? Silence will be taken as a no.

[Note] Answer any questions the trainees might have.


[Note] Once the host finishes promoting and you finish giving information, tell them they may leave. You should head to the stage and wait for the other trainers to finish. Once the host tells you you can leave, you may do so. Make sure the host logs you in the trello card.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Management Questions
    How many trainings do I have to attend per month?
    2 minimum.
    What if I cant do 2 trainings?
    Submit an inactivity notice the #absences channel.
    How do I check points?
    Look at the leaderboard, they’ll show up there.
  • Trainee Questions
    Use these FAQ to answer any questions any Trainees might have.
    How long will this training take?
    Roughly half an hour, depending on how fast we move on.
    How do I get to a greeting?
    Click on the STAFF button next to the leaderboard, after, click on “Greetings”
    How do I give an item?
    Say !handto [USERNAME] while holding the food item.
    How do I become an MR?
    Become a Senior Chef and apply when applications come out.
    What if I fail?
    You’ll be kicked from this session, but you are free to join a later session.

If you have any questions or a command isn’t working, please tell a member of the Presidential/Ownership department. Thank you for reading!

In best regards,
Jayori Public Relations Department