[Jedi GFX] Star Wars battle, Jedi Task Force!

A GFX I’ve been working on for a while for a friend and their group! First major action scene I made and would love some feedback!

Have a nice day,
Wolfyyy :wolf:


I recommend you add a little depth of field in the image so we can know which ones to focus on more. I also recommend that you add a background instead of making it look like just one terrain. The woman with the stitchface also looks a bit too glossy so you might wanna change that. Next, make the lightsabers reflect light on the characters, but not too much. The three people on the left have it reflected well enough as an example, the two on the right and the middle have too much light reflecting on them though. Lastly, I recommend you change the ground terrain because it looks pixelated or not terrainy enough. Good luck with your GFX!

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Tysm for the feedback!
I will try to improve from your feedback!

Woah, this looks very good. But why is the tie fighter I assume, blurred out in the background? I believe this GFX is nicely done, and that you should continue doing this.

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Nice work but, it lacks a good composition. It’s like chaos. I can barely make out what is happening. I hope you work on that. The TIE fighter looks as if it’s on hyperdrive. Please reduce the motion blur there. Besides what I said, you possess a good sense of lighting from what I can make out. Work on your skills, eventually you shall master them.

May the Force be with you.

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Thank you so much for the feedback.
May the force be with you! :rofl: