Jelly PvE Changelog

[This game isn’t worked on anymore]

Welcome to the Jelly PvE Update Log, This board lists all the updates on my Jelly PvE!
Dates are based on the european format.

  • Dummy Factory is now multiplayer.
  • Reduced Dummy Factory point reward. 200 > 135
  • Re-added Classic Portal and optimized it for Multiplayer.
  • Replace Test Portal with a useless deco portal.
  • Revamped Classic Enemies
  • Fixed Void Sword in Classic
  • Fixed Dummy Factory not giving points.
  • Removed Insane secret in Classic.
  • Removed Party Mode in Classic.
  • Added info panel for Classic that displays enemy count.
  • Added info panel for Dummy Factory that displays enemy count, wave and amount of alive Industrialists.
  • Changed Classic end dialogue.
  • Now you’ll get a popup saying You’ve joined a queue! please wait. when you get through the test portal.
  • Your character dissapears when you join the queue.
  • Changed test portal’s ui
    ** Replaced City thumbnail with Classic thumbnail.
    ** Replaced Difficulty ADVANCED > TEST
    ** Removed City Description
  • You can now receive points from Dummy Factory Stage
  • Fixed Wave 8 Bug in Classic
  • Temporarily made Classic Portal inaccessible to avoid joining already-running matches.
  • Added Multiplayer Test Portal
  • Added Colonel Sus,
  • New Level Stat
  • You can now receive points from Classic Stage
  • Commands disabled for technical reasons
  • Gunners killed you really quickly in groups, therefore the following stats have been nerfed:
    ** Firerate: 0.35 > 1
    ** Damage 40-50 > 30
  • Tweaked Command List.
  • New Dummy Factory Stage!
  • New portal and popup for the new stage!
  • This update adds 4 new enemies, 1 new Boss, 1 currently unused enemy and the Industrialist ally!
  • The new units use a better combat system. The older units will still keep theirs though.
  • Added a “Are you sure?” popup when you get through a portal, so you don’t get teleported at the instant you touch it.
  • Removed Behemoth from appearing and put him under maintanance until his attack gets fixed.
  • New enemy, only spawnable with commands.
  • Added water around the island.
  • Added borders so you don’t fall into the water.
  • Mega Brute now looks like a actual MEGA BRUTE… He used to have a lazy design that looked like a Behemoth variant.
  • Added commands, only usable by Jelly and me.
  • Buffed Gladiator Health and Damage, Nerfed Thief Damage and Attack Recharge, Nerfed Behemoth Health but Buffed Damage, and Mega Brute got MEGA buffed.
  • Behemoths won’t spawn in the final wave.
  • New enemy, only spawnable with commands.
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Jelly PvE release