Jeopardy Podium

Hey there, I am currently making a jeopardy game on Roblox. I just finished the podiums where the contestants stand. Tell me your opinions in the replies!




Woah!!! That’s looks so cool and amazing, but I have a few stuff you should add to them.

  • Make it right under the “Player” text it should show how much times they won.
  • Make a better microphone mesh(Try to make it have small spaces in between, Example:)

Looking at the Jeopardy podium, there is only the “Player” text. The Jeopardy microphones, are not exactly like that, but I get where you are coming from.

Looks very good. The microphones could use a decal or texture, also, the podium in the second pic ahead of the second pane glass is 1 increment off. hope this helped!