[Job Taken] Closed Thread

I’ll pay the fee, so I’ll be paying you 2,143 robux
I need bushes and fruit for my game

The fruit needs to be made of two distinct union parts. The stem and the actual fruit. The stem will be the handle.
A grape model
An apple model
A berries model
Another berries model
A third berries model

You can be creative, just make them look nice. I need five different bush models. It’s okay that they look similar, but they can’t be replicas. The bushes need to look appropriate in a Forest type map

Message me on roblox or message me on this forum.
Payment upon approval of models

I also need a model of Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games. I am willing to pay robux for this too. PM about this specifically

Am I not doing this right?

I’m tempted, if no one else does it in 2 days time, message me and I’ll do it :slight_smile:

Might not have time to do the bushes too.

Job Taken! Thanks for viewing

Awesome, glad I could help by maybe spurring people on a bit since the pay is pretty good haha.

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