Jobs by users with no creator page cannot be applied to

Reproduction Steps

1. Locate a job listing where the creator’s page appears as follows

2. Click the Apply button
3. Nothing will happen

Expected Behavior

When clicking Apply, the application confirmation prompt should appear regardless of whether or not the user has a creator page available.

Actual Behavior

When Apply is clicked on a Job listing where the lister has no creator page, nothing happens. A failed request is submitted in the inspector as follows:
Failing request


There is a workaround but it is finicky and technical.

Despite being unable to submit an application through the interface, if the above failing request is instead modified to another creator to allow the request to succeed (I used my own user ID) an application can be submitted as shown below:

I used the Chrome debugger which involved viewing the compiled typescript and setting breakpoints to modify the url used by the request manually.

Side note, because this workaround is difficult and not accessible to most users, I have selected High impact.

Issue Area: Talent Hub
Page URL: Talent Hub
Impact: High
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2022-06-20 00:06:00 (-04:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-07-01 00:07:00 (-04:00)


I currently seem to not be able to apply to many job posts, but I don’t exactly know the reason why. It could be many things, but this may be the reason.


Thanks for the report. We are investigating.

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I believe this was a fixed a while ago and I cannot reproduce. Closing this one out - let us know if you still encounter issues with this.