Join The Team - Beta Program - Tower Of Pain

Hello, Roblox Community

My name is Snowflake, I am a Roblox developer, communicator, designer and content creator. Me and my development team have been working on a new project recently named “Tower Of Pain”. This Roblox game was released publicly in August 2021, so it is pretty new. As a growing community, we are always looking for more users to work on our team with us! That is why we are introducing the Beta Program for Tower Of Pain. This program is completely free, there are no fees at all.

About Beta Program
By joining this program, you are willing to be open to talk to other developers while you are free. This program allows users to access and test upcoming game updates/ features before they are publicly released to the Roblox community! This beta program lasts 20 days at least. During this period, you will test new game updates, chat with other developers and provide feedback to us on new updates or changes that we might make to the game.

How To Join
To join the program, you must follow all the steps listed below:

  • Join this Roblox group: Snowflake Development Team - Roblox.

  • Message me via Roblox Developer Forums or via Roblox telling me that you want to join, why you want to join and additional information about yourself.

Once you follow those steps, I will most likely will accept you into the program. To stay in the program for the full 20 days, you must stay in my Roblox development group and you must be active on Roblox or Roblox Developer Forums. I also recommend that you friend me via Roblox website incase we need to get in touch quickly.

Why You Should Join
You should join this program for many reasons!

  1. It connects you with other developers which will create life long relationships.
  2. It gives you experience as a beta tester.
  3. It adds experience onto Roblox resumes.
  4. You could be part of a development team which blows up in the future.

This program is for anybody and everyone! Feel free to join and feel free to contact me. I am a friendly person and want everyone to feel comfortable around me.

Our team has set some important requirements that you must understand and meet to join the program.

  • Your Roblox account must be at least one month(s) old.
  • You must be active on Roblox at least a few times per day.
  • You must be open to communicate with.
  • You must be friendly and kind to others.

If you find this interesting to you, come on a join for free! Remember, I am always open to contact. If you have a question or concern, message me or reply to this topic so I can give you a answer.

Snowflake (@SnowflakeForest10)