Jojo Chains Of Fate Minor Update:

Today’s Jojo Chains Of Fate’s Minor Updates as fellows:

Update: [NEW]

  • Released a new stand! [MR] (This stand isn’t in FFA yet.)
  • Fixed health stat
  • Might have fixed you not being able to select GER and MIH?
  • Fixed not being able to summon with PH
  • Another patch to the reroll abuse bug
  • Possibly alot of exp loss issues could be fixed + other issues
  • Tried to restored everyone’s skill points
  • Fixed Tusk Act 4’s Button B on Xbox
  • Fixed CD’s Kick move breaking on mobile
  • Fixed PH’s cap move being broken
  • If you encountered yourself with 0 exp or something try to rejoin the game maybe?
  • Removed the teleporting move from Nagare because it was buggy as hell
  • Might have fixed Quests giving too much exp, if the issue is fixed then I’ll increase all quest awards by 2x
  • Removed Mobile Shift Lock
  • Redid stand rerolling system
  • Redid Rebirth system
  • GE’s snake is never supposed to be in the game, so for xbox I made heavy strike a double buttonX press and make 7 page muda DPadUp
  • Damage nerf to homeless quset
  • Fixes to Mobile Combat
  • Fixes to Quests
  • Idle + Run Animations
  • Improved hitboxes
  • Rebirth now only costs you 100k yen instead of 250k
  • Fixed Damage Indicators
  • Added Magician Red
  • Reduced some lag

Update from earlier before: [OLD]

  • Fixes to GE
  • Fixed CD Summon on mobile
  • Fixed Reset Stats
  • Fixed getting easy skill points
  • Fixed free reroll bug
  • Removed AOE
  • Added a invisible wall so you don’t get burned up in Chapter 1 Cave place
  • Now it tells you what each skill point does
  • Now you need 5k Yen to switch your stand
  • Nerfed Run Speed
  • Updated the Help Button page
  • Changed the way how I give out skill points (so any skill point related bugs should be fixed)
  • Increased combat speed
  • Now you only need 10k Yen to buy a reroll + removed the level req
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