Jojo Game I am currently making

Hello! I am currently making a JJBA game (with no knowledge of scripting)
So far it turned out good, by making I mean looking at tutorials on youtube, and just copying what they put down.

Anyways here’s what I have currently done (spent about 6 hours on this)
(tw model and audio belongs to aut)


It’s cool, even though I hate modern anime, just don’t make it too complicated at first. Also you can get some help off Fiverr if you want :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback, but I don’t know about Fiverr, mainly because I don’t have any money and because I might be scammed.

According to my personal experiences, the chance of getting scammed on Fiverr is 1/10 compared to TalentHub. Fiverr have their own professional staff team, I had 6 orders and all of them weren’t any disputes

Ooh, I mean did see youtube videos on fiverr, but if you want to play my jojo game, here’s the link.

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