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Jojo Modeler For Hirer

About Me

Hi Im Markosimichi! and im a Modeler for Roblox I have been using Blender for 3 months now and want make big robux by selling models! I like to model usally mid to high poly and my work time is 2-3 hours might be 2 or 3 days since I have a time limit on my pc to keep my self healthy between my personal and gaming life

About My Models

My models take about 4-5 hours to make since im slow modeler
And note I dont export the models so if your willing to buy you need to pay me and I will give Blender file since It takes alot of time exporting and so many errors for me
heres what it looks like-

Also If you want you can ask me if you can use those models you asked for in the pictures and I glady will or I can do a commison.
Warning:The textures might not look like that in roblox studio depending on if you export the textutres

Payment Method

I only take payment of robux
Price Of Assets-500-600
I will have you buy a gamepass.
If you dont have enough or have smaller than that amount we can talk and expections can be made.

Contact Me


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I made it as a commison and sorry I did not know that! Is it better now?

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What. Really? I’ve seen posts asking if it’s okay to sell assets on the devforum and most of the comments say that its fine.

Making threads on the dev forum to sell assets is not allowed, however there are plenty of discord servers where you can sell your stuff. Hidden Developers is one, and I’m certain there’s plenty more.

The actual reason (scams were few and far between), is that Discourse (the site the dev forums runs on) isn’t really designed well to handle sales since it’s more focused on discussion and posting more than showing off assets.

(Message from @Aotrou )

Please post this on a hiddendevs discord or something, it isn’t allowed here.

Oh, thank you so much for this information. Will definitely keep it in mind.

What does that mean? What you talking about.

I thought you were still selling the model. Make sure it has less than 10k tris.

No I’m for commission hire and it has under 10k what do you think?

No need to be rude, I was trying to help because it looked pretty subdivided.

Oh sorry if I came as rude I should have put a comma I meant to ask what do you think of the model like a rating sorry about that.

It looks good, make sure you make it in separate pieces for easy imports. I’d say 8/10, it could use a bit more detail.

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