JOJO's Bizzare Stand Showdown Is Hiring (Closed)

About Us

Hi there! We are JoJo Bizarre Stand showdown Studios. We are creating a brand new JoJo’s game which will include many stands (Cannon and not) items and other fun things but we need help making it.
The Team
@Open - Animator
@lxve_Brxken - Professional Builder
@Specssu - Scripter
@Essie - GUI Artist
@Chainsaw_zelnut - Modeler
@kabane121 - Builder/Modeler
@Pacblack70 Management

About The Job


You will be animating stands from JoJo’s


You will be building a low-mid poly map with a modern theme the size is around 1000 studs ,x , 1000 studs


We are paying ONLY IN ROBUX not usd or others the payments are:


10% long term and a 700R$ Down payment


You will get 4000R$ with a 500R$ Down Payment

Contact Us

Best is Discord > @Approval#8753
Second is twitter >
Third is Right here on Roblox Dev forum (NOT DM’s).

Current Progress(That i could find there is more):

The World
Thanks for checking us out!


We need more information on this job.

What exactly are you looking to be made? What UIs would be made?

Are you only hiring a GUI Designer?

Also, 1000 R$ is really really low.

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To be honest, 1000 R$ is not really much for a gui designer.

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We were hiring a scripter but i just hired them and i will make it more if you guys think its that low

how is 2k because im not rolling in cash here

It always depends on the work a dev has to put into that. If its only for one gui that takes about 5-10 hours to make, that would be pretty acceptable.

Im looking for a gui that showing levels, item info, stat info and money

Does it need to be scripted?


No as we already have scripters that can do that

I can be builder

I’d advise against doing this. That’s stealing from an IP that isn’t yours and isn’t really smart. If you remember what happened to BrickBronze and even non Roblox projects like Pokemon Uranium (which wasn’t using any of GameFreak’s assets, just the brand name).

I wouldn’t recommend going through with this project for that reason and the already stiff competition you’d have.


I know this but we are ready for this thanks for the concern


How much are you paying the animator? I might consider applying!

10% is how much we are paying for an animator

Is the % gaurenteed? Is there a backup payment?

at most i can offer 200R$ will that do?

Okay! I’ll contact either tonight or tommrow!

I believe that this position isn’t very attractive. There isn’t many pictures or GIFs or anything that shows that you’ve currently made any progress on this game. On top of that, you don’t seem to have sufficient payment to hire effectively. Just remember that R$350 is like a dollar, and you’re offering less than that + 10% of a group that again hasn’t shown us anything. I would either suggest gathering progress and pictures to show us what we’re getting into or getting more payment to hire someone. Remember, you get what you pay for.


Thanks for the advice i will take that into consideration and i will get more proof and im trying not to spend too much thats the reaso n for that

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Whats your discord (If that is how you choose to contact me)

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