Jrnoob studios rules:

Group Wall rules

  1. Follow the Roblox ToS

  2. No harassment, discrimination, or bullying

  3. No roasts (Unless with comebacks)

  4. No spamming or scamming

  5. No self-promotion unless with permission

  6. No offsite links

  7. No impersonating

  8. No childish talk

  9. No threats

  10. No mass-arguments

Asset Rules:

(created this to prevent any confusion ever since I'm completely solo again on NEIL)

Current NEIL Assets & Archived games:
I will not share those assets unless I want to secretly.

Old NEIL Assets (created by me):
Technically, no one is supposed to have any old NEIL assets except High-Rank and people I secretly shared with.

JSTP Assets:
Assets created by me (xXjrnoob321Xx) shall not be shared without my permission. Doesn’t matter if its High-Rank or not, it still applies.

All Assets (jrnoob studios and mine):
Additionally, for *High ranks and people I secretly gave assets to,* do not share those assets to other people.