JUBBIGT Portfilio

Hello Jubbigt!

BloxByte are interested in hiring your services, if you’re free or would like to know me, please DM me on discord @ Royal#5671


Hey, are you still open? I would really like to hire you!

I am ;D 30chars 30 chars30chars

i wouldn’t recommend this guy, we hired him to do animations worth 20kR$, we did pay upfront literally, but after a few days, he started to ignore us.


Ehhh? who are you? 30 chars 30 chars

Acting like you don’t know anything eh? i would love to get provide proof of your “Unprofessionalism” of how you handle commissions in DM, since i’m pretty aware that you can’t post discord convos here.

still wouldn’t recommend this guy

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I do not know your discord tag is what i mean…

Here’s my discord, Npinoy_#5538

but, giving my tag, won’t change the fact that you ran away from your commission, without a single message after receiving the payment.