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About Me
I’m a not so known animator. I am 16 years old as of 25th Febuary, and im living life.
I’ve been animating for a little bit over 1 year now, and I’ve worked with amazing people.
Im swedish, but I usually talk english for about 6 hours a day seeing how I work with alot of english people + I am in a lot of english discord servers.

Here are some Gif’s of my animations

https://gyazo.com/7ff32a2671b00a19b389ff61017cfa4f <-- my newest work!
Ik its not much but I wanna keep the showcasing short, this is just to show my skill level when it comes to animating. I can also rigg, and work on custom models.

Well, I animate for about 16-20 hours per week.

I often do 5-10 USD per animation, And people who have hired me always loves my work.
I also charge 3-5 USD per rigging (if it is a model or a big addon to the r15/r6.)

Project under my belt
I’ve worked for Games such as Elemental Battlegrounds, Hero havoc, TGBN/GBN, Super hero training sim. Ive worked for more games but these have been highlights.


You can contact me on discord just add JUBBIGT#4415 I usually have my dms open. Or you can contact me on this forum.
Thank you for reading, Really appreciate it.


Jubb is really fast at animating, I recommend him


May just be me, but 5-10 dollars per animation seems a bit much, especially for the first one. But nice animations. :smile:

I think rigging should be a bit more pricey for models though. Rigging always seems to be a pain for those custom characters.


Hey! well in the animator world 5 - 10 USD per anim might sound a lot but its all for quality.
And the rigging its easy for me so thats why its 3-5 USD. :smiley:


Willing to accept ROBUX as a form of payment?

The second animation looks really good!

No, I usually do not, unless its a project that sounds really fun to me.

Thank you!

Bad experience. I was told the process would take 20 minutes. 3 days later he tells me he’s done. 4th day I was told a story about his life and he ended up actually getting nothing done those 4 days. This is my personal experience, with this developer, feel free to message me if you have any questions.


I know what happend and its true im not gonna hide anything. This was obv a hard time for me but tbh I wasn’t getting paid and I had other stuff to do. Now I apologize to you for what happend! and I promise it wont happen again I was just having a bad week hopefully you could see that too. You are actually the first one who I didnt complete / were unsatisfied and im truely sorry about that! Also there was no reason for me to lie and I honestly still dont know why. It was very unprofestional of me!

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While it’s great you’ve apologized this incident has me and potentially other studios concerned with how this was handled on your end.

Not only were you unreliable while being contracted by @EarthKingIV yet honesty wasn’t your policy either that leads me to wonder how it’ll be addressed differently.in the future if it were to be repeated.
Incidents like this can also trigger paranoia in others due to how we’re trusting you with temporary ownership of our property in terms of animation so what’s preventing you from keeping the .obj after the job is done?

I understand we all make mistakes however it should be noted of how the x amount of time invested could’ve been given to a different animator that might now be unavailable. I hope you’ve learned from this selfish act of yours since I’d love to work with you in the future long as this incident isn’t repeated in the future.

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Where did you get the idea you were not getting paid?

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Sent a request on Discord.
Are you still available for work?

Yeah! just add me JUBBIGT#4415 And please tell me ur disc

Sent, my disc is George#2294

Recruited him to a group where I was a Head Developer, gave him a task to make some animations.
He said it will take a week, but in reality it took him 1 month, even though he didn’t even start making it and he wasn’t responding to our messages at all. Currently I’m witnessing the same thing at another group.
Won’t recommend this guy.

Used to be very reliable but not anymore. Stopped responding to my messages.

Your discord tag doesn’t work. I would like to hire you to make a few animations for USD.

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Yo im still up for hire! JUBBIGT#4415
should work?

I do not believe ive ever worked with you.