Jugo's Affiliate Requirements

Salutations, Jugos’ community! Have you ever thought about allying with us? Now is the time!
Please take note of the following requirements for your group before sending your application:

  • You must have at least 100 members -

  • You must have a ROBLOX group and a discord server - As we send representatives over from our group to yours, you must have a discord server.

  • Finally, Your application must have at least 5-6 sentences per long response question, which will be marked out below. - Looking for a professional and dedicated group, we expect affiliate applications to have at least 5-6 sentences to show you are professional and dedicated towards your company.
    Well, where are the questions? - The questions are located below!
    Please send them to a Communications Officer or higher.

  • 1) Give a quick summary about your group. (Include the company name and the amount of members it holds)

  • 2) How active is your group on a scale of 1-10?

  • 3) Why do you want to ally with Jugo’s?

  • 4) How can both groups benefit from this alliance?

  • 5) What are some unique characteristics your group possess in order to maintain a strong relationship?

  • 6) Do you promise to announce all events and updates in your discord server?

  • 7) Please provide the usernames of two representatives that can represent your group in our discord server.

  • 8) Please provide us with a link to your group and your communications server.

Once again, please send it to a member of the Communications department or higher.

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