Jugo's Handbook


Hello and welcome to Jugo’s Official Handbook! We have created this handbook to guide and provide assistance to others in order to understand crucial information.

This handbook contains all the information you need to know as a customer & staff member. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Jugo’s or your questions weren’t answered properly, please contact a Executive Assistant+, and they will assist you to the best of their ability.


Q: I’m a Awaiting Trainee and I want to rank up!

In order to gain Junior Juicer, you need to attend a Training!

Q: If a staff member is being rude, what do I do?

Contact a staff member, (Executive Assistant +) so we can address this issue.

Q: I found a glitch, who can I tell?

Please inform our Chairman+, as they will be able to fix it right away.

Q: How many warnings are given to trollers?

Jugo’s adheres to a strict THREE WARNING policy. The procedure is as follows: warn then ask for assistance if they continue.

Q: I have safechat, can I work here?

Trainee: Awaiting Trainee+ must not have safechat. If they do they aren’t eligible to work here.


At all Jugo’s facilities, we would kindly ask that you dress appropriately. Any inappropriate packages, messages, or clothing worn on your avatar will be accounted for, and you may be warned or banned based on your attire. A shirt and pants is required to be worn at all Twist’s facilities.

If you’re wearing a skin tone with several different colors acting as your ‘shirt’ and ‘pants’, you will be asked to change into something more appropriate. The inability to dress appropriately will result in a warning, kick, or ban, contingent upon every situation.

At Jugo’s, we’d like if you can introduce yourself in an ideal way. Stay inviting of everyone around you, and do your best to stay positive, supportive, and aware. Unseemly and hostile jokes are not tolerated at any of our facilities, as we strive to give a protected and engaging setting for members of the public.

Reasons for a warn, kick, or ban:

  • Bypassing the Chat Filter
  • Spamming
  • Racist/vulgar comments
  • Insulting others or causing a disruption
  • Glitching into staff areas
  • Ordering too many items
  • Ordering items we do not serve
  • Excessive capitals


Jugo’s expects customers and visitors to follow the rules and regulations we set out for the public. Our staff will ensure these regulations are enforced continuously at all Twists games/facilities. Making sure everyone follows the rules of our facilities ensures that our community is a safe, and friendly community for others.

Minor Offences kick + :ban
Major Offences: ban


A person who commits a minor offense will only receive one warning. If the customer/visitor does not listen, they will be kicked after their first warning. The following reasons listed cannot always be minor in some cases, so it is up to you to accurately judge the situation and decide if It’s minor or a major offense.

The command to execute is:
Example: WI | Excessive Capitals.

Remember to provide a reason when warning people. This is a crucial step that lots of staff forget. If you do not provide a reason, the warning may not be admissible since other staff members will not be able to see what the warning was issued for.

The following reasons can be deemed a minor offense:

Use of a curse word.
To ensure that our community is safe and also a friendly community, we have to actively ensure that curse words are not being used at any of Jugo’s facilities.

Ordering too many items.
Our cafe sometimes gets busy, and you may be holding up the line because you’re continuously ordering too many items. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we have an item limit to ensure this. The item limit is three.

Ordering items we do not serve.
Trolling is prohibited at Twist’s facilities. If you’re caught holding up the line because you’re ordering items that we do not serve on the menu continuously, you/the customer will be punished. Please do not hold up the line, as sometimes our cafe is busy and others are wanting to have their turn ordering.

Excessive use of capitals.
Excessively using capitals at any of Twist’s facilities is punishable. Found using excessive capitals may lead to disrupting the cafe. If found doing so, you/the customer will be punished accordingly.

Causing a disruption or bothering others.
Causing a disturbance or bothering others should be common sense not to do so. However, if you are found doing so, you/the customer may be warned.

If you are caught arguing with a member of our staff, you/the customer will be warned for causing a disruption. Along with any questions, you can always contact an Executive member if you feel like your punishment was unfair. If they deem your ban reasonable, then you/the customer will have to fill in a ban appeal to send to a Corporate Partner.


Code of Conducts is an organized page/forum of set rules or regulations for all ranks, at all of Jugo’’s games/facilities. How you present yourself, behave, disrespect others and how you go about your day with other people needs to be in check with these set rules or regulations. Failure to follow conducts listed will result in disciplinary action.

Members of staff are required to be mature at all times. If you are caught lacking grammar, using excessive capitals at people, making vulgar jokes, gossiping about staff or customers or treating others with disrespect and insulting others will get you suspended.

Using grammar, and treating others with respect, leaves a good impression to everyone around you. If you are breaking our behavior conduct, it will reflect poorly on yourself and will most likely get you suspended.

Promotions must be/and are earned and should be acclaimed for. Asking for promotions will lower the chances of being promoted majorly, which if found you have been hinting you will be warned. If you are found excessively asking for promotions, you will be issued a suspension notice.

In other words, we do not tolerate “hinters” or people that are here at Blend just for promotions. Blend is a community where we want you to have fun and pride in what you do here.

Terminations/demotions are reflected/caused by your actions. Before demoting staff members, the Executive Partners and Corporate Partners will issue a vote. The following reasons are a valid reason for a demotion:

  • You may have been inactive at the cafe/community for a while.
  • You may not be attending sessions/shifts.
  • You may not be supervising at the cafe often or enough.
  • You may show to staff or customers that you don’t care about your responsibility/role here at Twists.
  • You may have violated Jugo’s Code of Conducts.
  • You may have broke conditions set for you. ( Mostly in suspensions )
  • You may have been found Admin Abusing.

You also may be demoted for breaking suspension conditions specifically set for you depending on what you did to earn a suspension. Please remember if you have a warning, and have been suspended and have still continued to break a conduct, then you will be demoted (or suspended if deemed necessary).

Termination/demotion appeals are constantly open if you’d like to appeal. Your appeal will be sent to the Executive Partners and Corporate Partners to view and will be discussed further afterwards. A decision will be made throughout this time.

Please acknowledge that terminations/demotions should allow you to realize your mistakes, and what you did to be demoted. Once removed from your duties, you must work your way up if we don’t find your demotion reason eligible to be given an opportunity to appeal.


Abusing your administrator/moderator permissions in-game is a serious offense. All blacklisted admin commands (which you can find on a separate forum) are not to be used. Please use admin commands sparingly, and only to keep the community safe, and away from trollers.

Fun commands are not tolerated, and using fun/admin commands for your enjoyment/personal needs will result in your demotion.

Admin abuse is not tolerated with any of our MR or HR staff members; all blacklisted admin commands* are not to be used. Please use admin commands sparingly, and only to the keep order at the cafe and to protect the people there. Using admin commands for your enjoyment can result in your demotion.

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