Jugos Interview Procedures


Here at Jugo’s, we host daily sessions and are always welcoming new workers to assist us on our journey. These instructions are made to assist the host and the interviewers for a successful session.

Notice for all Staff:

We strongly recommend all staff to create their on guidelines due to our guides being simplistic and not designed to everyone’s needs; we only really want people to make their own guides if it follows our guides protocol. These handbooks are specifically designed for the session to go as quickly as possible.


We expect all staff to arrive 15 minutes before slocking time as the host needs to be prepared and ready to begin at least a minute early. We hate to see the host rushing at the last minute. Please stay remain standing on the appropriate lines throughout the rules and guidelines the host administrators.

These are some basic items the host must have done before slocking the server. If your server hasn’t followed all these steps before slocking time, please delay the session and remember to not rush things.

  • Have all customers seated.
  • Kick any excess staff.
  • Try to have the correct amount of Interviewers with a Back-Up.
  • Make sure you do your slocking shout on time.


As you are the host, you are required to keep the interviewees and staff members updated with shouts. The host is required to shout 30 minute before the session begins to notify the guests that they should head to the Interview Center to get interviewed. Staff members must join early so they can answer the interviewees’ questions. After that, the host will have to follow the following shouting formats to keep the guests updated.

INTERVIEWS | Interviews are being hosted at TIME by HOST! Head down to the Interview Center for a chance to become a Awaiting Trainee!

INTERVIEWS | Interviews are now s-locked! Sorry for those who couldn’t make it, why not head down to the Juicery to get a refreshing drink?

INTERVIEWS | Interviews have now ended! Congratulations for those who made it! Why not head down to the Juicery for a refreshing juice? Sounds good to me!

Note: As the host is doing rules, the CO-HOST must do the slock shout. To confirm the slock shout is completed, the host must ask the coordinator if it has been.


Host: This person is in charge of the session. They complete the rules, announcing shout, concluding shout and any extra necessary tasks.
Co-host: This person is also known as the co-host. They replace the co-hosts job.
Promoter: Promotes and Reviews interviewees questions.
Interviewer: This person interviews interviewees and PM’s the Promoter if they have passed the session.
Spectator: Spectates interview session.


Once all the staff and customers, or any Honors Members are ready and in positions. you need to slock the server and do your slocking shout on the group shout. Please make sure all staff are prepared.

If you have any issues with admin commands, please message a Chairman as we will need to get the issue fixed before it becomes a bigger issue!

  • Before commencing the interview session, make sure to info (username) and if there under 15 days they must be kicked. Here’s the kick note:

  • Apologies! You have been kicked due to being below our day limit. Please rejoin when you have been on ROBLOX for 15 days or more.

The host should first notify everyone that Permission to Speak is enabled.

  • By telling them say “pts all” it will then display that PTS is enabled.

The host should then greet everyone.

  • Greetings Jugo’s, welcome to this interview session! My name is (USERNAME), and please give a warm welcome to our Co-Host, (USERNAME). We wish you the best of luck throughout your interview.

It’s now time for the Co-host to introduce themselves.

  • Hey guys! My name is (USERNAME) and I am your Co-Host for today’s interview session. I wish you all the best of luck within your interview!

Now, it’s back to the host.

  • You shall then say “disablepts all”. Then move onto the rules.

  • Now say the rules:
    ra all (RULE 1)
    rb all (RULE 2)
    rc all (RULE 3)
    rd all (RULE 4)
    re all (RULE 5)
    rf all (RULE 6)
    rg all (RULE 7)

  • After saying rules then say:
    endrules all

  • Then once thats finished please say:
    m That is all for me to list, I am now going to hand you over to your interviewers. Good luck, Interviewers please pick your interviewees.

Interview Questions

Now walk up to a person and greet them.

  • Greetings, It’s nice to encounter you today. Please rise from your seat and follow me to an interview office.

Interviewers should be ready in their offices now with their interviewee(s), feel free to ask them if they have any questions etc. We need to make sure there are no more than 3 grammar mistakes, if they reach that please kick them. Please use the scripts below to continue with your interview!


  • If they surpass the 60 second mark make sure it is a automatic fail. Kick note: You have been kicked for surpassing our 60 second mark limit, you may always come to our other sessions. We have a schedule on our communications server.
  • Make sure to use CPLOGS to see if they cheated.
  • Make sure they utilize grammar throughout this session.

Hey, my name is (USERNAME), I am your interviewer for today’s interview session.

  • Good luck with this session, please try not to go AFK throughout the interview. Do you have any questions before we start?

  • Great! I will now tell you some rules that you should abide with that will help you passing this test!

  • You should always use grammar all the time, not using it you will fail this interview.

  • You should not surpass the time limit which is 60 seconds.

  • Copying and pasting isn’t tolerated here at Jugos and will get you blacklisted from interviews.

  • Alright, those are all the rules. Any questions before we commence?

  • Perfect, we shall begin! Good luck.

LR Questions

[1] Why do you want to apply here? (3 Sentences)
[2] What will your goals be throughout working here?
[3] How will be benefit Jugo?
[4] What unique qualities do you have?
[5] Please correct: hi welcome to jUgoSSs how can i hep u.
[6] What desired rank would you like? Awaiting Trainee - Intermediate Juicer and why?

Intern Questions

[1] Why do you think you’re a perfect fit for this Intern position?
[2] Do you have any relevant past experiences on management positions?
[3] How can you benefit lower staff into succeeding their goals?
[4] What characteristics do you obtain that qualify you to become an Intern at Jugo?
[5] Do you understand that not using the correct grammatical practice will lead to demotion?
[6] To end off today’s interview session, are you in our dizzy-cord server? All staff members are required to be in it.

HR Questions

[1] Which rank are you looking forward to? If so please state why you want it. (2-3 sentences).
[2] What are the responsibilities of being a HR?
[3] When did you join Jugo?
[4] Are you in our Communications Server? If so please state your name.
[5] What other occupations have you worked at or currently working at?
[6] What can you bring to Jugo’s as a HR?
[7] How active are you on a scale from [1-10]?
[8] Rate your grammar on a scale of [1-10].

Well done for completely finishing the interview, I am now going to check your chat logs to check any final mistakes.


  • Congratulations, you have passed! I believe that you have conveyed exceptional answers within this interview session.

Please allow me some time to inform the Promoter of this session of your passings so they can review your answers.

Inform the trainee of the following below once they have been ranked to trainee:

Before I dismiss you, I would like to remind you of some vital information that will be useful for your journey here at Jugos.

As a Trainee, grammar is to be utilized at all times. Disobeying this regulation will result in consequences.

I highly recommend to attend a trainings sessions, as only Junior Juicer+ ranks have access to go behind the counter.

Dismissed. Thank you for attending!

MR/HR Pass

  • Congratulations, you have passed! I believe that you have conveyed exceptional answers within this interview session.

Please allow me some time to inform the Promoter of this session of your passings so they can review your answers.

Before I dismiss you, I would like to remind you of some vital information that will be useful for your journey here at Jugos.

As an MR/HR, you are required to remain active at all times unless you have informed an SR of your inactivity.

You must spectate your first interview session in order to interview, host, co-host, coordinate and promote.

Once you have accumulated the following, you must do our exam located in staff regulations on our dizzy-cord server.

Be sure to use grammar in our Jugos Platforms. In addition, be sure to use grammar in our public server.

You are dismissed, and congratulations on passing.


Deepest regrets, you have unfortunately failed your interview due to [reason], don’t feel discouraged, we host sessions daily.

If you want to attend another one of our sessions, join the dizzy-cord server to see a selection of our sessions-times.

Thank you for giving your all and attending this session, you are dismissed.


Greetings, my name is [roblox user], I will review your answers. I will check your answers to confirm your interviewer passed you accordingly.

If passed:
Congratulations, you’ve passed this Interview Session for today. Please wait whilst I rank you.

If failed:
Deepest regards, you’ve failed today’s session due to [reason]. Feel free to come back and attend another session in the future.

Please listen to your Interviewer for further guidelines on being a Trainee, or an MR.

Promoter Private Message:

  • pm admins [SENT TO ALL ADMINS] Hello, everyone. I am the Promoter, (username). If your interviewers have passed, please PM me so I can check their answers and pass them if I deem them able to be passed.

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