Juicey's Juice Bar Public Handbook

Juicey’s Juice Bar Public Handbook

About Juicey’s Juice Bar
Juicey’s was made to put a smile on every Roblox player’s face, from the time they join Juicey’s and until the time they leave! We strive to give the best Juice Bar experience to all of our customers that visit our Juice Bar, and we ensure that our lovely staff will always be there to serve you a freshly made drink! We are not just some average Juice Bar group, we are a group or a family, and welcome everyone!


Last updated: 07/19/21


Here at Juicey’s Juice Bar we have a few regulations that are expected to be followed. These regulations are to be followed by all members who join our game to keep our community safe.

#1 Bullying or Harassment

At Juicey’s Juice Bar we will not tolerate any sort of bulling or harassment. You will get banned from our games immediately.

#2 Exploits or 3rd Party Clients that may ruin the game

Juicey’s Juice Bar wants to provide a safe community for everyone, though sometimes this safe community may get interrupted due to exploiters, if you are caught exploiting you will get permanently banned from all of our facility’s.

#3 Dress Code

We are pretty relaxed for in game avatars, though if your avatar seems to be inappropriate in any way, you will be asked to change your avatar, if not you will get kicked.

Staff Code of Conduct

Juicey’s Juice Bar has a code of conduct that is expected to be followed by our staff team to keep our community safe, while make our customers and guests feel welcomed.

#1 Admin Abuse

It does suck that us here at Juicey’s Juice Bar has to bring this up, we will not tolerate Admin Abuse in any way as it will put a bad name on us and you. You will get reminded 3 times until you are demoted.

#2 Point Cheating

As our new point system roles out, this also means that there may be people who cheat with there points to rank up quicker for, if you are caught point cheating we will remove all of your points and you will have to start from the beginning once again, if caught again you will get blacklisted from working at Juciey’s Juice Bar facility’s.

#3 Grammar

Here at Juicey’s Juice Bar we expect grammar to be used by Juicer’s+, if not, you will be asked to use grammar.

Alliance Information

Greeting’s! Thank you for reviewing the alliance information section of this handbook! We are so glad to see that you are interested in affiliating with us! Here at Juicey’s Juice Bar the Public Relations department has made some requirements to keep our community up to there standards with affiliations!


Alliance MUST have 200+ non botted members.
Alliance MUST have 50+ Discord Members.
Alliance MUST be active on Discord Server and Group.
Alliance MUST not have a bad history in the past with other groups.

If you do meet our requirements, please feel free to apply with the application format seen below!


  1. What is the name of your business? (Please provide Roblox group and communications server links).
  2. How can your group benefit Juicey’s Juice Bar?
  3. Why do you wish to partner with us?
  4. How could Juicey’s Juice Bar benefit your group?
  5. Why should we form a partnership with your group?
  6. How many members are currently in your company?
  7. Is your group willing to participate in most events Juciey’s Juice Bar invites you to?
  8. Do you understand that if your group violates our ToS or no longer meets our requirements, we have the right to terminate this alliance?

Once completed, please send to a Public Relations Member, preferably through a Google Document!