Jujutsu Kaisen Project - Front/Back End Scripter Needed LONGTERM

Hey, I’ll keep this short I am a well know translator and I have contributed to 560 million across multiple front page games, I also build and model and I have worked on several projects, one of them being Youtuber Simulator as an asset creator.

Recently, to be precise 2 days ago I started to work on a brand new game inspired an anime called Jujutsu Kaisen and I am collectively looking for a front and back end scripter to hop on the team with me, if you can do both that’s perfect!

Here is what I’ve made so far:

Play Screen

As far as it comes down to payment, then that’s negotiable, hmu in dms. If you do decide to contact me please do send me your work, I won’t be responding to any irrelevant dms and do know this is a long term position, % is negotiable as well.

Contacts: DM on devforum or discord - rains#8331


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