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About Me

I am a 3D modeler always looking for new challenges. I enjoy communicating closely with my clients to ensure they have the exact item they were looking for. I’ve had experience working with everyone from developers looking to make their first game, to developers creating front-page games.


Recent projects along with a few old ones I am fond of.

Commisions + Works Done for Fun

My first hand painted texture :slight_smile:

More to be added soon.

Availability and Pricing

Due to schooling, my schedule can vary from 1-6 hours per day.
My pricing also varies greatly on the difficulty of order, I am, however, always available to give an estimate through private messages.


Feel free to message me on Discord @Juka#4355 or Right here on the Developer Forum.


Are you available to projects? (KillerPool)

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Please private message me on discord or through the forum.

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I sent you a friend request. BK (too short)

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Hey, what would the budget be for a sword like the first and 2nd one?

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I would charge anywhere from 4-8k for a sword of that detail as it would take multiple hours worth of work.


Juka is a awesome person and a chill dude if you treat him right and pay him right this dude will make you some killer stuff.


A couple of new models have been added in the showcase : )

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Hi, I’m currently working on improving my building skills. Building maps is something I would like to do in the future though.

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Do you create hairs? If so, what’s the price?

We currently need hairs for a Black Clover game.

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I am not comfortable making hairs at this moment, sorry.

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Hey! Sent over a request on your discord! :slight_smile:

How much for a car? Like a military jeep

Could you private message me what you had in mind?

Sent you a DM and a friend request. I am interested. kypto#2961

Added an example of a building :slight_smile:

Just sent you a request, (omni).

Are you comfortable with armour and most land vehicles? (Omni)

I have added an asset with a hand-painted texture. Looking to maybe create an asset pack over the next few weeks to showcase that art style a bit more. :smiley:

Awesome pls contact me in discord ZeXelDev#8308